W.G. Hill Classic Reports on CDRom

W.G. Hill Classics on CD-ROM

- a US$1,895 Combined Retail Value for only US$100!

Now available, the "Bible" on how to live a prosperous life free from taxes and bureaucratis hassles: PT - The Persraveler by the father of the PT concept Dr. W.G. Hill , plus 3 additional best sellers on a CD-ROM. And as an added bonus we have included Bill Hill's insider report 'Le Livre du Corps Diplomatique' or 'How to Become a Honorary Consul'. This book was originally published in a limited edition of only 100 copies and sold for US$1,495!

All on CD-ROM:
  1. PT - The Perpetual Traveler - a coherent plan on how to live a life free from taxes and hassles.
  2. The Passport Report - how to legally obtain a second passport.
  3. PTO - Portable Trades & Occupations - in 20 brilliant chapters you will discover masterful methods for turning adversity into prosperity.
  4. The Invisible Investor - or How to Get Rid of Lawyers, Accountants, Tax Collectors & Ex-Spouses Forever!
  5. How to Become an Honorary Consul - or 'Le Livre du Corps Diplomatique' - with this book, you'll discover how you too, with little effort, can attain honorary consular rank for yourself with no more diplomatic experience and no more relevant qualifications than a tuxedo, some business experience, enough money to throw the odd cocktail party yourself (and no criminal record). And in its pages, you'll discover all the in-depth advice, expert strategies and contact names and addresses you need to achieve success.
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