New Zealand Financial Account

New Zealand Financial Account --- Just Euro 599!

Here's a fast and easy New Zealand financial Account:


This offshore finance company is authorized by New Zealand to provide private banking services, it is not a registered bank. Because of this, this offers you a low profile and highly private banking system with outstanding financial management services.


Personal or Company account possible.


Services include:

1. Current and savings accounts
2. Wire transfer services
3. Payment processing services
4. Debit and credit card services (order online from source after your account is opened)
5. Certificates of Deposit
6. E- banking
7. Term Deposits



*The bank requires a copy of your passport and proof of residence in the form of a utility bill or credit/bank statement.
* No bank references are required.
* Minimum balance and opening deposit is only US$1,000 or equivalent in Euro or Sterling
* Copies of your company papers.

Add Euro 1,200 if you require an Offshore tax free non filing company for this account.


***ASK about our no ID option (additional cost.)


Our introduction fee just Euro 599 or Eur 1,799 with a non annual filing, tax free offshore company in your chosen name.

To order proceed to:

Then select your payment option in the drop down menu. Please be sure to fill in the name of the product or service you wish to order along with the cost for it in US$ or Eur as listed at our web site.


Your order code is "NZed Acc." As soon as we receive your order form, we will immediately e-mail you the pay-in particulars. Once your funds are credited we'll immediately email you the appropriate application opening forms, etc.


Thank you for your custom.

Best wishes for your continued success

Sterling Fisher