NO ID Anonymous Numbered Bank Account

When you Demand Privacy, Now You Can Keep It!

Maintain anonymity whilst securing bank accounts and other requirements.

The Process is Fast & Easy!

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When privacy and anonymity is paramount, then consider a NO ID alternative.

Banking Passport - Many people simply want to remain anonymous and rightly so. Some nationalities are excluded from opening certain accounts. For instance, opening a Swiss bank or brokerage account by Americans is frowned on by most Swiss banks in today's world.

Offshore Manual has a solution for you. Enter the Banking Passport.

You can obtain a legally issued banking passport from an African nation with any name, date and place of birth for a surprisingly low cost. This is an official government immigration program which can be executed at extremely short notice and which will result in a permanently renewable passport and national ID document being issued to applicants. The cost of the program starts from only Eur 5,999 per applicant including, in one case, a non-revenue producing investment in a government sponsored Project Development Fund. It is available in as little as 4 weeks time of completed paper work.

A truly fine program which has proven its credibility well in the course of the past years. Hundreds of PT's the world over have made use of this opportunity to get a bona fide 2nd (or third) citizenship along with an alternative (banking) identity to protect their assets from Big Brother's tax sharks and other unsavory entities.

Please DO NOT consider this passport for traveling purposes. Visa's are required for all countries. This passport should be considered for banking purposes only. However, some clients have informed us they have successfully traveled to Cuba and several other African countries without any visa!


All payments for citizenship programs are to be made via a bank to bank wire transfer or, e-gold. ALL prices are in Euro's or the USD equivalent.

Southern Africa (but NOT South Africa!)
  • PROGRAM FEE : Eur 6,500.00
  • DELIVERY TIME : 4-6 weeks
  • FAMILY PLAN : None
  • POINTS of INTEREST: Great "banking passport", visa/travel limitations
  • Name Change Possible!
  • Add Eur 1,000 for Naturalization process (showing you as being born anywhere.)
  • Add Eur 1,000 for local full drivers license and local back-up ID!

Asian Banking Passport -

This particular goodie is definitely not for travel as it is strictly for banking purposes only. It is valid for five years and can be created in any name, date and place of birth.

Cost is just Eur 5,999. Delivery time about 14 - 21 working days from the time full payment, application and pictures received. All can be sent electronically via the internet. Full details come with a paid order. ADD Euro 1,250 for a drivers license and and international dl from the host country. Once again, in order to protect the integrity of this program please do not ask us for the name of the country. We will simply refuse to answer your mail or questions if you do.

One Time Use Of A Passport -

The Lord works in mysterious ways! Some folks fall on hard times, have marital and or financial problems and need money. Offshore Manual is on a mission to help them and you. We have located a handful of down on their luck souls who, for the right price, will agree to allow a one time use of their passport and sign the bank application forms for you so you can open a company bank account ... IF you acquire the company and bank account from Offshore Manual.

You maintain sole control over the company and bank account because ALL bank codes, passwords and apostilled company papers plus the power of attorney are sent direct to you from the bank. So you can change the passwords and even the person named on the company bank account any time you wish.
  • Cost for the one time use of the passport and signing of the bank application forms is Eur 2,950.
  • Cost for an off the shelf bearer share company and company bank account with Internet banking, codes and an ATM card with unlimited daily withdrawals is Eur 2,250.
  • Set up time is very fast indeed.

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