Nest Egg Account & Credit Card - Quick & Easy!

Nest Egg Account & Credit Card - Quick & Easy!!

The Nest Egg & Credit Card Account!

"Every man is entitled if he can to arrange his affairs so that the tax attaching under the appropriate Acts is less than it otherwise would be. If he succeeds in ordering them as to achieve that result, then so as to secure that result, then however unappreciative the Commissioners of the Inland Revenue or his fellow taxpayers may be of his ingenuity, he cannot be compelled to pay an increased tax." Lord Tomlin in IRC v Duke of Westminster, 1936

In today's inflationary world, with housing prices crashing and a recession looming on the horizon, having a little nest egg offshore might be a mighty good idea, wouldn't you agree?

Here's an excellent savings and credit card account offering Offshore Manual has arranged just for our clients. This highly rated Swiss bank offers a valuable savings account plus a Swiss credit card with a minimal opening deposit of only CHF/EUR 1,000, a one page application form and a notarized passport copy. No need to travel to the bank, Offshore Manual does it all for you. Your savings account opened in just a few banking days from the time we receive your order and paid funds.

This Swiss savings account and Swiss credit card is the ultimate in top quality banking with additional guaranteed security and reliability. With just Euro 499 as our introduction and handling fee and 1,000 CHF/EUR as a opening deposit (that you send direct to the bank,) you can now open a Swiss savings account and obtain a Swiss Credit Card with internet banking facilities in the heart of Switzerland, with one of the countries major banks.


  • higher interest rates
  • minimum opening deposit
  • hassle free opening procedure
  • only a short form and notarized passport copy required
  • Credit Card limit linked to amount on deposit
Opening deposit of CHF/EUR 1,000 is sent direct to the bank by you once your account is opened. Your account opened in just a few banking days from the time we receive your order and credited funds!

Corporate accounts are also accepted!

As with all things in life one gets what they pay for. Swiss banking remains the best in the world, bar none.


Normal due diligence and absolute legality are necessary as in every legitimate banking activity around the world.

Services included with your fee of just Euro 999:
  1. Personal or company bank account opening in one of the top banks with I-banking, Credit Card and Phone Banking
  2. Fast Track (one- five business day processing - not including holidays.)

Documents required:

  1. Filled out application (1 page only) that we email you once we receive your order and payment.
  2. Copy of your Passport notarized.

Fee Structure

  • Company Bank Account and credit card- Euro 999 (you must have current certificate in good standing, and apostilled copies.)
  • Personal savings account and credit card - Euro 999
  • Add Euro 1,250 if you require a Panama bearer share company in your chosen name. (Select three [3] names in order of preference and one should be available for creation.)
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