Mediterranean Bank Account - Quick & Easy!

Mediterranean Bank Account - Quick & Easy!!

One of Our Best-Selling Banking Products:

The Mediterranean Tax FREE Bank Account!

This Mediterranean Bank offers First Class service with secure Banking Privacy. This privacy minded setup is both professional, quick and simple. It's a hassle free bank account with great internet banking!

Just Eur 999

This Mediterranean Bank offers a unique opportunity in the offshore world today and has a number of key advantages over other offshore locales which, when combined with a Tax Free non annual filing Offshore Company, provides clients with one of the better confidential and secure offshore solution offered anywhere.

More importantly, there are NO (ZERO) taxes of any kind for offshore activities. This is NOT a tax haven ... however there are zero taxes for non resident accounts. You can even walk into the bank to make deposits and withdrawals. This banking setup offers the ability for a personal or company bank account within the prestigious European Union. Included is internet banking via a security token as well as superior customer service.

Setup time is very reasonable as well.

The bank's requirements for a personal or company bank account within the European Union, Cyprus:

* scanned (no snapshots) color copy of your passport
* recent utility bill (less than 2 months old)
* your CV (resume)
* business plan (sample to be provided upon receiving a paid order.)
* bank reference letter
* Skype interview with the banker prior to account being activated

If you intend to use an already existing company, the requirements are;
* a scanned copy of each directors and shareholders passport copy
* a scanned copy of each directors and shareholders recent (less than 2 months old) utility bill
* each directors and shareholders CV (resume)
* business plan
and most important,

- scan copies of corporate documents including the * share certificate and resolution to open bank account at our bank in Cyprus.
- scanned copies of apostille
- scanned copy of Good Standing with apostille (in case if company older than 9 month)
- scan copies of passports and utility bills of prestigious/Directors/Shareholders
- filled out our questionnaire. (to be emailed to you upon receiving your order.)

The fee for a personal or company account (using your current company papers) is Eur 999 or the US$ equivalent.

Add Eur 1,250 if you require us to create a Tax Free non annual filing Offshore Company (no annual filings required with the jurisdictions we offer for this setup) in your chosen name.

"PAYPAL" account offering with this setup:

As you probably already realize receiving a verified PayPal account for a person outside the USA, UK, etc, is not easy.

Offshore-Manual's solution to this problem however is easy.

Open a personal bank account or simply have us create a Tax Free non annual filing Offshore Company or a personal or company Cyprus bank account with a Cyprus address, all of which will enable you to obtain a verified PayPal account in English in the European Union, i.e. Cyprus.

Any email or email addresses can be attached to this PayPal verified account.

For a verified PayPal account you would require the following products;to open a personal or company and company bank account with our Cyprus setup.

For the CY personal bank account you will need,
* a scanned clear colored copy of your passport
* a recent scanned copy of your utility bill less than 2 months old.
* Your CV

* Bank reference letter

* Skype interview with banker prior to your account being activated.

The cost for the bank account stand alone is Eur 999 online internet banking and Iban wires in and out. However as you probably already realize, PayPal requires a street address and telephone number in CY. The cost for this service for one year is 695.

To order please proceed to our secure on-line order form at

Be sure to indicate your preferred method of payment at the drop down box, i.e. Bank Wire Transfer, BitCoins, MoneyGram or Western Union.

Place the ordering code on one line, then the cost in US$ or Eur to the box on the right of the ordering item. If you wish to remit your payment in US$, please use the XE's exchange rate at for the current US$ equivalent for Euro.

Once we receive your order, we will immediately e-mail you the pay-in particulars.

Services included with your fee of just Eur 999:

  1. Personal or company bank account opening in one of the top rated banks with I-banking, Debit Card and Phone Banking
  2. Fast processing -

Fee Structure

* Company Bank Account - Eur 999 (you must have current company papers including your certificate in good standing, and apostilled copies.)
* Personal bank account - Eur 999
* Add Eur 1,250 if you require a Tax Free non annual filing offshore company in your chosen name. (Select three [3] names in order of preference and one should be available for creation.)

Order from our secure web site order form here to pay by bank wire, MoneyGram, Western Union or BitCoins.

Your order code is "Mediterranean Special" and the cost is Eur 999 plus Eur 1,250 for a Tax Free company.