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European Union Nationality & Passport Program

Maybe The Best European Union Passport and Citizenship Program on the www.

Maybe the Best European Union Passport and the best economic citizenship program is one that we don't openly advertise the name the country of issuance.  It is a passport granted in a private transaction by one of the European Union nations and one that is completely off the radar. It's a country known for personal  and financial privacy. This little known and lesser availed Passport is the one no one knows is available.

Before I continue, let me define a few terms. A second passport or an economic citizenship is obtained by paying money to the government in exchange for an  officially sanctioned citizenship and passport. Such a transaction should be completed quickly and is a simple cash for citizenship deal. There should be no requirement  to live in the country before citizenship is granted or any conditions placed on your passport.

European Citizenship - Passport

Now we can offer for our clients the opportunity to obtain the Lithuanian Citizenship and Lithuanian Passport. Lithuania is a member of European Union, so its passport  will provide to its holder world wide opportunities.

The holder of Lithuanian Passport can visit about 157 countries worldwide including all countries of European Union, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and others.  Also its holder can conduct their business worldwide, because the European Union provides strong support for his citizens around the world.

How can we provide such service:

Our source will start a process in Lithuanian court by our client request. As the evidence base we will use some articles in Lithuanian Civil Legislation about the granting the  Lithuanian Citizenship (and passport) for the non-Lithuanian citizen in the simplified naturalization procedure. It means that our client will receive the Lithuanian Citizenship  (passport) by the Court decision when it will be done. Our evidence base are in full accordance with the Lithuanian Civil Laws, so our client will receive the positive Court  decision and he will receive the Lithuanian passport in 4-6 months (usually this term is needed for the Court Trial). Lithuanian Legislation allows this procedure and we are
 happy to provide it to our clients!

The professional fees for court trial assistance is Euro 39,000 plus a non refundable Euro 10,000 referral fee for a total of Euro 49,000 or the equivalent. This amount  includes all preliminary procedures to prepare the evidence base for our client and our support in the court as our client's advocate. Also please note that by this Court  decision all close relatives of our client could have the right to obtain the Lithuanian citizenship (and passport) with our client too. Extra cost/payment for each additional  member of the client's family is Euro 2,400.

The Legislation of Lithuania allows to have the dual citizenship, so there is not required to reject your current citizenship. Also your current country will NOT be informed  that you got the second citizenship.

The Lithuanian legislation allows granting the citizenship for some categories of applicants in simplified procedure. Our advocates have 
wide experience in proceedings of ambiguous interpretation of Migration and Civil Legislation in our clients’ interests. We will collect the 
documents that the applicant has the right to use this legislation opportunity. Our lawyers will prepare the required documents for the 
court, arrange the court process and will protect the client’s application as his advocates on it. Our strong successful experience in 
court trial gives us the confidence that we will win the process. This is fully legally procedure. The only reason to reject the Lithuanian 
Citizenship is if the client has the hard problems with International Police. If he has no ones – he will obtain the EU Citizenship in 

From the client we need to receive only the copy of his passport in color. It is enough for us to provide all due diligence procedures that 
require the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania. All other documents about the client we will receive from Authorities in the 
country what the client is citizen.

We will collect the evidence base and will require the Court trial by our lawyers. It is not require for client to visit the Court meetings. 
But the client has to visit Vilnius personally when the Court decision will be done to receive the Lithuanian documents (ID-Card (internal 
passport) and Passport for Foreign travels). He will receive these documents in Migration Police Office in Vilnius.

Please note that source requires to receive their professional fees in advance in full. They must be sure that they could support the Court 
trial up to the moment when the positive decision will be published.

Now it is the best way with the lawyer's smallest fees to obtain the European Citizenship for whole family! Order it now! And in 4-6 months 
you with your family will have the Lithuanian (European Union) Passport!

In 2016 Lithuanian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 159 countries and territories, ranking the Lithuanian passport 13th in the 
world according to the Visa Restrictions Index.[1]

The Best Second Passport will cost you about Euro 44,000 for a husband, plus Euro 2,400 per family member including minor dependent child. 
All applicants must provide clean police records and be of good character. There is no requirement to live in this country after the passport is 
issued and no residency required prior to its issuance.

We also note that full and legal citizenship is granted. While some countries limit your rights as an economic citizen, this program gives you the same  rights and benefits as a native. You can vote and participate in elections, operate any business you choose, and are on equal footing with persons born there.

Finally we would like to point out that this IS NOT some gray market second passport or back-alley deal. This is a government sanctioned program with  no bribes, kickbacks, tricks, or funny business. You make a contribution to the government of this country and receive your passport just as you do with  St. Kitts and Dominica clean and simple.

To start the ball rolling please submit your POF (proof of funds) via email to us. Alternatively contact us here. POF can be in the form of a recent bank statement  (less than three months old and in your name) showing an amount on deposit sustaining higher than the cost of the program. For privacy concerns, we suggest  you white out your account number. However your name must be shown on the bank statement in order to satisfy the governments compliance requirements.

Then place your order HERE- Your initial payment is Euro 5,000 and your ordering product code is "Lithuanian Passport."

Important Information!

Please read the following information below slowly and CAREFULLY, including sources requirements for proof of funds and a referral fee.

For full details about ANY program, understand that the very first step is for you to remit your PROOF OF FUNDS so we can forward to source for approval.  Without submitting your proof of funds and the acceptance thereof, NOTHING happens.

If and when your PROOF OF FUNDS are accepted, the next step is to pay the referral fee of Euro 1,500. Then and only then will we forward your email  address to source and place you in direct contact with them for full particulars on what programs are available, the costs involved as well as all relevant information, etc.  These requirements are necessary in order to weed out the merely curious and to protect the integrity of the few programs still  available. [Note: Our Eur 5,000 referral fee is non refundable.)

Please understand that the above are sources requirements and we'd be remiss if we didn't inform you up front and before you make any queries on how the  process works. If you do not agree with the above, we understand and wish you well in your endeavors. However please do not waste your time and ours asking  questions about the country, etc. without complying with the above requirements, i.e. proof of funds and referral fee.

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