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Dubai Company, Dubai Bank Account with Debit Card, Cheque Book & Internet Banking!

One of Our Best-Selling Banking Products.

Dubai is a World Class Location with world renown Banking Privacy. This world class setup is both professional, quick and simple. Hassle free Internet bank account with a debit card and a cheque book!

Dubai Company & Dubai Tax Free Bank Account - Fast & Easy!

Dubai offers a unique opportunity in the offshore world today. Dubai has a number of key advantages over other offshore locales which, when combined, provide clients with the most confidential and secure offshore solution offered anywhere.

Dubai is a very liberal Gulf State which has invested its oil wealth to produce a balanced economy. The oil sector comprises only 3% of the GNP with the balance being dominated by financial services, tourism, manufacturing and trading activities.

It has a state of the art banking sector to service its wealthy indigenous, expatriate and offshore clientele. Dubai offers banking privacy which equals or even exceeds that of Switzerland and a lifestyle which is better than Monte Carlo. Dubai has become the new playground for the rich and famous.

Property developments of staggering proportions such as the Palm, three man made islands, which will house numerous hotels and several thousand residential units, have made Dubai "THE" location for high net worth individuals or those seeking a low profile, to live and work, and for "ALL" individuals to locate their offshore assets.

Most importantly, there are NO (ZERO) taxes of any kind for onshore or offshore activities. Dubai is NOT a tax haven ... It is a country with NO taxes period!

Dubai's key benefits are:

  • No taxes of any sort and no tax department
  • No filing of accounts
  • No tax exchange agreements with ANY country
  • No public record of directors or shareholders
  • Highly flexible banking system geared to the requirements of high net worth international investors
  • Strong legislation which protects the confidentially of investors.
  • In short, Dubai represents offers the offshore solution for the 21st century!
We can open an offshore company account at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank which is a local bank. If the shareholder/s has a valid UAE residence visa, he can open an offshore account at HSBC or in National Bank of Abu Dhabi. No need for the client to travel to Dubai. The client can set up the company through a Power of Attorney allowing our Dubai source to set up the company on their behalf.

Even better if the client converts their offshore company to a branch or a free zone company then residence visa will be available for them. In addition should the client purchase a property in Dubai then they will automatically have a residence visa.

Dubai offers tax free residency and company advantages.

This Dubai company and banking package isn't cheap but offers class banking and service for the serious player! You're looking at a complete set up for US$9,000.

Formation Fees includes

  • Name check and approval
  • Drafting of Memorandum and Article of Association
  • Filing with official register
  • Payment of government fees
  • Provision of local agent for one year
  • Provision of registered address for one year
  • Courier fees
  • Company seal

Optional Services included with your fee:

  1. Bank Account opening in one of the banks in Dubai with cheque book, I-banking, Debit Card and Phone Banking
  2. Fast Track (24 hrs processing)
  3. Personal Account opening in one of the banks in Dubai with I-banking and Debit Card
  4. General Power of Attorney

Documents required:

  1. Proof of residence for all directors/ shareholders (electricity bill/telephone bill)
  2. Original bank reference from all directors/ shareholders
  3. Curriculum vitae from all directors/ shareholders
  4. Client registration form (attached template)
  5. Passport copies for all directors/ shareholders
  6. Proposed company name

Dubai-Offshore Management Fees Structure

Company Formation Fees Structure in USD
Formation Fees
Government Fees 2,740
Registered Office Fees 815
Registered Agent Fees 545
Our Fees 3,096

Optional Services included with your fee:

Company Bank Account 500
Fast Track (24 hrs processing) 500
Power of Attorney 500
Personal Bank Account 500

Everything just US$9,000 for a world class TAX FREE set up.

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