How To Obtain Legally Residency Then a Passport in Six Months!

"Nations have lost their old omnipotence; the patriotic tie does not hold.
Nations are getting obsolete, we go and live where we will.
Steam has enabled them to choose what law they live under.
Money makes a place for them".
Ralph Waldo Emerson , 1861.

Dominican Republic

October 6th, 2006

Fast Track to a 2nd Passport!

Brand New Residency To Passport Program in just 6 to 12 months!

We have a new and reliable connection in the Dominican Republic! You get legal residency in the Dominican Republic and at the same time will be able to use the cedula (ID) card for travel. After a brief period of legal residency, normally six to twelve months, you are entitled to apply for naturalization and a valued 2nd passport!

In view of all of the above, I think that the Dominican Republic OPTION is something worth considering. The legal fees for a single residency in Dominican Republic is USD 25,000. Husband and wife are USD 40,000. For very large families after the second document, the price for children is less. Unfortunately children of any age must have their own passports and may not be included on parents' documents.

Dominican Republic Passport by Residence Program

  • Passport is good for travel to Central and South America and most of Europe visa free.
  • No personal income tax!!
  • Free exchange of currency--can have U.S. dollar accounts
  • Cheap land and a beautiful country
  • Only 6 months to one year to apply for Citizenship and Passport and on first visit down can get Cedula, Permanent Resident Card valid ten years and a Drivers license.
  • Good foreign banks that with an account you can get a visa card and US dollar accounts
You Need!
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Police Certificate
  • Marriage documents
  • Copies of passport
  • # 2,3,4,5 you will need notarized and then a notary flag from the courthouse.
If # 4 is certified you don't need the notary. Then all documents are sent to the Dominican Republican consulate to be legalized.

This is $42.50 per document.

Then we send all the documents to Dominican Republic and get you ready for your visit. When there you need to deposit $5000 for the adults in a bank account. You can use any bank and after you get your letter stating you have $5000 in the bank you can withdrawal it. You can use either Dutch or German banks if you are concerned for the safety of your money. And the accounts can be in dollars. This normally requires you to be in Dominican Republic for 7 business days.

Dominican Republic is a fun Country to vacation in. The Dominican Republic is getting better, the economy is doing well, the whole place has been cleaned up substantially from just a few years ago and we believe the passport program will soon become harder to obtain and more expensive.

Though the DR passport is not so good for visa free travel, visas to Schengen states, i.e. Western Europe, are no problem to get if you just have a few thousand dollars in the bank. In the case of Dominicans, visa regulations are only to keep out hookers, etc.

Cost: USD 25,000 first adult person. This is all inclusive of translations and all document costs in Dominican Republic. Also includes use of an address (but not mail forwarding) If you have more let us know and we will give you a discount. If all processed at one time can give a greater discount.

Please Note:

Nationals from certain countries may be more expensive for Dominican Republic. Many of the Arab countries is USD 5,000 more for an adult and USD 3,500 more for a child.

Expect to stay a minimum of two weeks in the Dominican Republic in order to process you paperwork. Then all you need to do is visit the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks after six months or a year and apply for naturalization and your second (or third) passport. It couldn't be easier than that.

The fees and costs quoted here are NOT NEGOTIABLE but we sometimes consider interesting trades in part payment. All prices, terms and conditions are subject to change WITHOUT notice.

Officials have proved a bit hard to deal with and as a result of many delays and mistakes, but after a month long visit with source, we are pleased to say that our contact makes everything quite and easy for you. The stress is gone.

If you are particularly interested, please discuss details in a personal conference. We are processing a small group of these cases currently and if you wish to be included we will need funds deposited soon in our escrow account. Also needed are application forms and photographs. If your documents are not delivered within one months from the time your application is complete in while you are in Dominican Republic you get your money back in full. We have never lost any client funds. If you have any questions about this deal, we suggest you consult with me where ever I happen to be, anytime (by appointment) e-mail, facsimile, etc.

There will be no extra charge for this consultation if you have already paid us Eur 1,500 or more for one or more conferences on the subject of residency. As noted, these arrangements are always only around for a short while and we never know when they will be changed or discontinued. We can say that any applications submitted in the next few weeks have an excellent chance [99%] of being approved. Our own thinking has undergone considerable changes in recent years. Our commentaries or essays on this subject [Legal Second Passport, Residency, Rebirth, General Comments, and Banking Passports Explained] are included if you have previously paid our minimum-consulting fee of US$1,500 or equivalent. Our information should be helpful in evaluating the options available and in making your choice.

I will look forward to hearing from you if you have an interest in pursuing the matter further. Our prices and fees are not negotiable although there is a 50% reduction for children. We are not trying to sell you anything, but only to see that you get what you need and what you pay for -- from a properly authorized source.

Because of legal reasons we can no longer provide a list of the few reputable passport providers and some of the myriad's of crooks in the business. The residency we help people procure are renewable for life and lead to citizenship and a legally issued passport within a short period of time.

Before our conference you should prepare a full written statement of your background, approximate net worth, goals, objectives and ambitions, plus[IMPORTANT!] a statement that you are seeking information from us for your own personal use (not for publication) and are neither a journalist, government employee, nor an agent for any undisclosed person. Then list how you think a residency or we could help you.

WE DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW YOUR TRUE NAME OR ACTUAL ADDRESS! But for you to get your money's worth out of a consultation we must have good input. So change your name if you wish; conceal your address and identity with a mail-drop fax number or e-mail address.

But if you want good advice, give us all the FACTS! Upon receipt of the above briefing from you, plus the fee in the form of Eur 1,500 bank check (payable on a London in Pounds or French bank in French Francs) we will confirm an appointment date. By fax or e-mail. A wire transfer is also possible. In case of a personal check, we may have to wait 30 days until it clears before our conference. Allow up to six weeks for your letter and check to reach us. IN THE EVENT OF EXTREME URGENCY YOU MAY EXPRESS YOUR CHEQUE FOR Eur 1,500 PLUS PRIORITY CHARGE OF Eur 250 AND FAX YOUR SPECIAL PROBLEM TO THE ADDRESS mentioned, together with your phone, fax, current mailing address. We will then try to give you very fast attention.



Africa being a very poor continent, Economic Citizenship Programs from this part of abound. However, not all's gold, unfortunately: visa-free travel opportunities are poor and very many African programs are less than stable. It's a very volatile market and we have taken great care to choose only those programs we can seriously recommend. One major advantage, however, is their great affordability which makes them ideal for real Banking Passports.

The African Banking Passport - an excellent BANKING PASSPORT and ID!

This is a particular goody: an official government immigration program which can be executed at extremely short notice and which will result in a permanently renewable passport and national ID document being issued to applicants. The cost of the program is only Euro 6,500 per applicant (as showing one born in Africa) - add Euro 1,000 for a local driver's license - including, in one case, a non-revenue producing investment in a government sponsored Project Development Fund. It is available in as little as 28 working days from the time the completed paper work and cleared payment is received! This is the best passport document bargain on the net, period! The passport is issued by an African member of the British Commonwealth, a former Portuguese colony. This document is NOT recommended for travel due to severe visa requirements, etc. It should be acquired for banking purposes only.

A truly fine program which has proven its credibility well in the course of the past years. Hundreds of PT's the world over have made use of this opportunity to get a bona fide 2nd (or third) citizenship along with an alternative (banking) identity to protect their assets from Big Brother 's tax sharks and other unsavory entities.

The African Banking Passport - a reliable BANKING PASSPORT and ID!

Excellent for use as a banking passport. Can be issued in any name, date and place of birth. Valid for 5 years and renewable therefore for just Euro 1,000. Definitely NOT for travel purposes as it is to be used strictly and solely for banking purposes only. But this is a rock solid banking product for your exclusive use. Yours in a couple of weeks for just Euro 6,500. Add Euro 1,000 for a back-up drivers license and a international license.

We simply cannot do them all ourselves!


Procurement agreement is with providing agency only.

Email us for our source's list of countries/areas where second quick "Passports by Mail" are available, usually in 90 - 180 days, with procuring agencies guaranteeing to refund your money if they can not get your choice of passport in 270 days. This extra span is a protection against force majeure incidents such as earthquakes, deluges, outbreak of civil war, third party interference and other factors beyond our control which might impede delivery.

The price ranges quoted are inclusive of all government fees, lawyers fees, and commissions, are simply a fair guideline. If you are serious about applying for one of these options, drop us a line or send a fax asking for the latest fee structure, application form and information on availability. We will get this off to you ASAP.

Please note:

All documents offered by procuring agencies are guaranteed by same agencies to be absolutely genuine - no forgeries, no stolen or "lost" papers!

Carlton Press is not "selling" these passports in the sense that we issue them, fill in existing blanks or print them ourselves! (This should really be a given, but we do get inquiries asking us to do just that - sorry, folks, but that's a strict no-no as far as we are concerned!).

What we do instead is to mediate between clients who are interested in obtaining a legal and official 2nd citizenship/passport and those agents and facilitators who are capable and willing to help them obtain it.

If in doubt, please review our statement of referral policy and legal disclaimer!

Valid for: 5 years. (Renewal cost for the next five years is currently US$500.)

Referral fee: Euro 1,000.


Visit our comprehensive section on FAQ to common questions about citizenship issues and countries and citizenships recommended and our other site on Second Passports.