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The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money & Investing
By Kenneth M. Morris, Alan M. Siegel. Retail Price: US$14.95. Our Price: US$11.96 (Save 20%). Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 04/94. Publisher: Simon and Schuster Books. ISBN: 067189451X.

This handy fact-filled book initiates you into the mysteries of the financial pages--buying stocks, bonds, mutual bonds, futures and options, spotting trends and evaluating companies. For those who are curious but intimidated by everyday financial jargon, this guide offers a literate, forthright and lively alternative.

The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Personal Finance
By Kenneth M. Morris, Alan M. Siegel. Retail Price: US$14.95. Our Price: US$11.96 (Save 20%) . Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 04/97. Publisher: Simon and Schuster Books. ISBN: 0684833611.

Newly updated with revised text, figures, rates, and statistical data, this essential guide offers readers a comprehensive, easy-to-use road map to the complex financial issues they face, including choosing the right credit card , whether or not refinancing a home is a good idea, and the facts on buying versus leasing a car.

The Wall Street Journal Guide to Planning Your Financial Future
By Kenneth M. Morris, Alan M. Siegel, Virginia B. Morris. Retail Price: US$14.95. Our Price: US$11.96 (Save 20%). Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 05/95. Publisher: Lightbulb Press. ISBN: 0684802023.

Written in everyday language, this invaluable guide initiates readers into the world of retirement and future financial planning, providing comprehensive information on the changing nature of retirement, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, IRAs, Keoghs, and other pension plans, Social Security benefits. A defined contribution plan? A bypass trust? A reverse mortgage? How to plan your estate? How do you plan your health care costs? If your head is swimming by now, you should get this book and it will all make sense, and you will be able to retire comfortably. Photos, charts and illustrations.

Portable Wealth: Complete Guide To Precious Metals Investment
By Adam Starchild. Our Price: US$11.95. Binding: Paperback Mass Market. Publisher: Paladin Press. ISBN: 0873649591.

By David L. Brown, Kassandra Bentley. Retail Price: US$27.95. Our Price: US$22.36 (Save 20%). Pages: 304. Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 06/97. Publisher: John Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 0471178780.

Wall Street City is an extensively reference guide to investment information on the Net, with dozens of reproduced Web pages to give a visual sense of the information available at various sites. It covers all the basics, though even experienced online investors may benefit from the book's thorough coverage of some abstruse topics, such as technical analysis and portfolio monitoring programs. Included are comparative tours of 19 online brokerages. But Wall Street City has an ax to grind. Co-author Brown is the proprietor of a fee-based financial Web site that he plugs every few pages.

SYNOPSIS: Readers can develop an investment strategy and then start investing online with the help of this guide. Resources, tools, and hundreds of online sources can be accessed through one Website, "Wall Street City, " built by Telescan. This book is not a "tour guide" for the site but an instructional tool to show readers how to use these Web resources to invest.

Boot Your Broker!: A Do-It-Yourself Kit for Online Investing
By Laura Maery Gold. Retail Price: US$29.99. Our Price: US$23.99 (Save 20%). Pages: 271. Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 10/97. Publisher: Que Corporation. ISBN: 0789712318.

Boot The Broker! is the ultimate guide to online investing. You'll discover the best online financial resources. Learn trading and analysis techniques from Wall Street experts. And best of all, you'll never have to pay high trading commissions again.

Want to know how to develop a personal financial plan? Looking for a top-performing mutual fund? Wondering which software stocks are expected to enjoy the fastest earnings growth? Answers to these and almost every other imaginable investment question are on the Internet--if you know where to look. Fortunately, Boot Your Broker! can help investors find, sift, and use the Web's vast cornucopia of information. It is a solid introduction to online investing, useful for anyone but especially appropriate for those new to the world of finance, online or otherwise. The book explains some fundamentals of financial planning, citing many educational Web sites on concepts such as the time value of money and dollar-cost averaging. Basic information, augmented by more Web referrals, is provided for a wide variety of investments, from stocks and bonds to commodities, currencies, and collectibles.

Boot Your Broker! includes details on the mechanics of making an online stock trade through E*Trade, a brokerage that receives special, favorable treatment throughout. E*Trade's president wrote the foreword, and a demonstration CD-Rom for E*Trade is included. The authors do not explain the connection except to say that E*Trade is "the primary reason this book exists." The book does give cursory information about 10 other online brokerages.

Mutual Funds for Dummies
By Eric Tyson. Retail Price: US$16.99. Our Price: US$13.59 (Save 20%). Pages: 384. Binding:Paperback. Publication Date: 02/95. Publisher: IDG Books Worldwide Inc. ISBN: 1568842260.

This revised and updated edition contains all new market data and analysis about the every-changing world of mutual funds. Tyson takes the fear out of making investment decisions by offering savvy advice on choosing the mutual fund that is right for one's income, lifestyle, and financial needs. Discover how to make your money grow by following the comprehensive, easy-to-understand concepts in this book. Mutual Funds for Dummies demystifies financial planning and sheds light on the mutual fund investments best suited for you. Cartoons and charts.

Personal Finance for Dummies
By Eric Tyson. Retail Price: US$19.99. Our Price: US$15.99 (Save 20%). Pages: 384. Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 10/96. Publisher: IDG Books Worldwide Inc. ISBN: 0764550136.

Personal Finance for Dummies offers sound and practical advice for those who want to get control over their personal financial lives. Author Eric Tyson points out the most common mistakes that we all make in our approach to money and prescribes ways to save and invest for a secure future. Using worksheets, the book helps you to measure your own financial health by looking at factors such as how much debt you carry, your savings rate, as well as investment and insurance checkup. The book looks at how you should invest your retirement account, approach taxes, and provides a good overview on how to buy real estate.

Investing for Dummies
By Eric Tyson. Retail Price: US$19.99. Our Price: US$15.99 (Save 20%). Pages: 400. Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 02/96. Publisher: IDG Books Worldwide Inc. ISBN: 1568843933.

Thanks to the expert advice in Personal Finance for Dummies, readers are now ready to explore ways of investing their money and making it grow. Author Eric Tyson covers all aspects of investing, from stocks and bonds to real estate and collectibles. Tyson points readers towards investments that actually work and raises warning flags about strategies you should avoid. The book also considers whether starting and running your business can be a good investment option. If you're looking for a good place to start building a secure financial future, this is it.

Investing Online for Dummies
By Kathleen Sindell. Retail Price: US$24.99. Our Price: US$19.99 (Save 20%). Pages: 384. Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 03/98. Publisher: IDG Books Worldwide Inc. ISBN: 076 4503367.

Investing Online for Dummies is an invaluable resource for those who want to take advantage of the timely nature of the Internet for online investing. Author Kathleen Sindell covers all the bases for the online investor including setting up stock screens, selecting mutual funds, fishing for IPOs, and online banking and trading. This book is loaded with links to investment resources on the Internet and also included a CD-ROM with demos of various investment tools and popular shareware programs. Highly recommended for online investors.

SYNOPSIS: This complete , authoritative reference shows users how to find, install, and configure browsers and other investment software, as well as how to perform online transactions securely. The CD-ROM includes shareware and freeware, plus financial analysis and management programs. 150 illustrations.

Dun & Bradstreet Guide to Your Investments 1998: The Year-Round Investment Sourcebook for Managing Your Personal Finances (Serial)
By Nancy Dunnan. Retail Price: US$19.95. Our Price: US$15.96 (Save 20%) . Pages: 464. Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 01/98. Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers. ISBN: 0062735101.

Indispensable for first-time investors and professional traders, the "Dun & Bradstreet Guide to Your Investments 1998" provides the specific advice and information readers need to make intelligent investment choices. "This straightforward, educational guide has been updated and republished every year since the mid-'50s because it's good".--"Newsweek". Tables, graphs & charts 20-city radio satellite tour. Online publicity & promos.

Technical Analysis Explained: The Successful Investor's Guide to Spotting Investment Trends and Turning Points
By Martin J. Pring. Retail Price: US$49.95. Our Price: US$34.97 (Save 30%). Pages: 521. Binding: Hardcover. Publication Date: 06/91. Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Company. ISBN: 0070510423.

SYNOPSIS: Technical Analysis Explained presents a powerful strategy for anticipating the level and growth rate of future financial activity and reaping the rewrds of dividend growth and capital appreciation. Packed with hundreds of illustrations to clarify key points, it will enable investors to avoid costly mistakes. Illustrated.

This comprehensive 521-page book is suitable for beginner and intermediate technicians alike. The contents are as follows:

Part I: Trend Determining Techniques 1. Market Cycle Model. 2. Financial Markets and the Business Cycle 3. Dow Theory 4. Parameters for Intermediate-Term Trends 5. Price patterns 6. Flags, Pennants, Wedges and Gaps 7. Trendlines 8. Moving Averages 9. Momentum I 10. Momentum II 11. Point and Figure Charting 12. Miscellaneous Techniques 13. Putting the Techniques Together.

Part II: Market Structure 1. Price: The major Averages 2. Price: Group rotation 3. Time: Longer-Term Cyckles 4. Time: Cycle Identification 5. Volume 6. Breath.

Part III: Interest Rates and Equitities 1. Why rates affect the market 2. Short-term Interest Rates 3. Long-term Interest Rates.

Part IV: Other Aspects of Market Behaviour 1. Sentiment Indicators 2. Speculative Activity in the Stock Market 3. Automated Trading Systems 4. Putting the Indicators Together.

Investment Psychology Explained: Classic Strategies to Beat the Markets
By Martin J. Pring. Retail Price: US$19.95. Our Price: US$15.96 (Save 20%). Pages: 288. Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 10/95. Publisher: John Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 0471133000.

SYNOPSIS: One of today's bestselling investment authors shows investors how to beat the markets by thinking independently, controlling emotions, and knowing when to "go contrarian." Pring shows that investors need to be less impulsive and more analytical by using classical investment philosophy, psychology and strategy. 30 charts.

Part I: Knowing Yourself 1. There is no Holy Grail 2. How to be Objective 3. Independent Thinking 4. Pride Goes before a Loss 5. Patience is a Profitable Virtue 6. Staying the Course.

Part II: The Wall Street Herd 1. A New Look at Contrary Opinion 2. When to Go Contrary 3. How to Profit from Newsbreaks 4. Dealing with Brokers and Money Managers the Smart Way.

Part III: Staying One Step Ahead 1. What Makes a Great Trader of Investor 2. Nineteen Trading Rules for greater profits 3. Making a Plan and Sticking to It 4. Classic trading Rules.

Martin Pring on Market Momentum
By Martin J. Pring. Retail Price: US$29.95. Our Price: US$23.96 (Save 20%). Pages: 368. Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 03/97. Publisher: Irwin Professional Publishing: ISBN: 0786311762.

The author, 06/19/98: All you ever wanted to know about momentum in one source. I wrote Market Momentum because momentum is a very widely used tool by traders and investors but there has never been a book that explores the concept in depth. Typically, momentum is relegated to a single chapter in general introductory works. It's also a misunderstood term. Some charting packages feature "momentum" as an actual indicator, but "momentum" is a generic term that embraces all oscillators. The first two chapters of this 368-page book discuss the principles of momentum interpretation as it applies to all momentum indicators on one way or another. Subsequent chapters deal with individual indicators including, rate of change, RSI, Stochastics, Directional Movement, MACD, the Commodity Selection Index, Parabolic System, Trix, Herrick Payoff, Accumulation Swing, and the Commodity Channel Index. A complete chapter is also devoted to my own KST system, volume oscillators and oscillators used to analyze stock markets. Market Momentum should appeal to you if you already have a grounding in technical analysis and want to use oscillators in a practical way. It's not geared to the mathematically oriented because I've tried to keep the formulae to a minimum.You'll find it useful though, if you have a special appeal for charting software and have often wondered how to use some of the more exotic indicators packaged with their program.

Martin Pring's Introduction to Technical Analysis: A CD-Rom Seminar and Workbook
By Martin J. Pring. Retail Price: US$49.95. Our Price: US$39.96 (Save 20%). Pages: 303. Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 03/98. Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Company. ISBN: 0070329338.

The author, 05/05/98: 8-hours of multimedia presentation and interactive quiz. This CD-ROM tutorial took over two years to put together and contains 12 chapters. It's designed for the beginner to intermediate technician. Each chapter consists of a narrative and a synchronized, animated presentation, real market place examples with audio commentary and an interactive quiz. When the quiz is completed, the program returns your score, plus the previous two scores if you have taken the quiz before. The CD has easy-to-use navigational menus and buttons, and also contains a full index. Just click on the subject, e.g. exponential moving average, head and shoulders etc., and the presentation for that particular subject plays.

The chapters are: I - Basic Principles (defines Technical Analysis/methods of plotting and scaling charts, ect.) 2 - Market Cycle Model and Basic Trend Identification (defines the different trends and how to integrate them) 3 - Support and Resistance (it's definition/how to assess their significance) 4 - Price Patterns (A to Z explanation of the most commonly used patterns) 5 - Trendlines (significance/extended lines/corrective fan principle, etc.) 6 - Price Patterns for Traders (smaller patterns used by short-term traders/flags/pennants, gaps, key reversals, etc.) 7 - Moving Averages (the concept/rules of interpretation/front loaded averages/envelopes and Bollinger Bands) 8 - Principles of Momentum (All momentum indicators or oscillators have similar interpretive characteristics. This chapter explains the most basic, while Chapter 9 describes four commonly used oscillators. The characteristics covered in this chapter are: overbought/oversold/the importance of time frames/divergences/trendlines/interpretation of momentum price patterns and moving averages) 9 - Key Momentum Indicators (Rate of change/RSI/Stochastics and MACD) 10 - Volume (principles of volume interpretation) 11 - Candlestick Charting (Basics of key reversal and consolidation patterns) 12 - Practical Trading Tactics (how to enter positions/where to take profits/how to deal with false breakouts).

The CD comes with a 300-page workbook. There is also a copy of MetaStock Personal Software included on the CD ($49.95 value). This self running software package allows you to chart the concepts and principles outlined on the CD. Altogether, you get over 8 hours of personal instruction and a new charting software - a great value! This tutorial is suitable as a basic course for those unfamiliar with the subject. Even those who have some experience with technical analysis will almost certainly pick up some tips and get reinforcement for knowledge already obtained. It's not designed for those who want to get rich quickly. Despite the commercials you see, there is no Holy Grail. However, this material will give you a sound background to build on. Oh yes, and hopefully make above average profits in the markets!! Good luck and good charting.

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