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How To Legally Obtain A Second Citizenship And Passport--And Why You Would Want To
By Adam Starchild. Retail Price: US$14.95. Our Price: US$11.95 (Save 20%) . Pages: 131. Binding: Paperback Trade. Publication Date: 01/95. Category: Self-Help. Publisher: LoomPanics Unlimited. ISBN: 1559501111.

An American citizenship and passport are two of the most highly-prized possessions a person can have... but there are distinct legal and financial advantages to having a second citizenship and passport. Author Adam Starchild explains the reasons and methods for acquiring both, in his highly-informative book. Covered are: A brief history of passports and nationality; How nationality is acquired; The advantages and disadvantages of multiple nationalities; How a second passport is obtained; Prerequisites for acquiring both a second citizenship and passport.

The New Zealand Immigration Guide
By Adam Starchild. Retail Price: US$14.90. Our Price: US$11.91 (Save 20%) . Pages: 166. Binding: Paperback Trade. Publication Date: 11/97. Publisher: LoomPanics Unlimited. ISBN: 1559501545.

U.S. Immigration Made Easy (6th Edition)
By Laurence A. Canter. Retail Price: US$39.95. Our Price: US$31.96 (Save 20%) . Pages: 496. Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 05/98. Publisher: Nolo Press. ISBN: 0873374045.

Covers every possible way to legally enter and live in the United States. Step-by-step instructions show how to fill out and file all forms, handle INS bureaucray, obtain a green card, qualify for various types of visas, and more. This new sixth edition covers recent changes to federal laws and policies governing immigration and naturalization. Includes forms!

Immigration the Easy Way
By Howard David Deutsch. Retail Price: US$14.95. Our Price: US$11.96 (Save 20%) . Pages: 283. Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 02/93. Publisher: Barrons Educational Series. ISBN: 0812047982.

Immigration Questions & Answers
By Carl R. Baldwin. Retail Price: US$14.95. Our Price: US$11.96 (Save 20%) . Pages: 176. Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 02/98. Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications. ISBN: 1880559846.

Critically important to noncitizens living in the United States, this manual covers major new laws affecting both legal and illegal immigrants. Presented in a question-and-answer format, the completely up-to-date information covers how to obtain a green card, how to work legally, what employers can do to help, and more.

U.S. Immigration and Citizenship: Your Complete Guide
By Allan Wernick. Retail Price: US$22.00. Our Price: US$17.60 (Save 20%). Pages: 285. Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 03/97. Publisher: Prima Publications. ISBN: 0761504508.

This easy-to-use guide will help anyone interested in coming to--or staying in--the Usted States. Top immigration lawyer Allan Wernick explains the U.S. immigration system, who can come to the U.S. and how, tips for dealing with the INS, filing procedures, and when to seek professional advice.

Immigration Made Simple: An Easy to Read Guide to the U.S. Immigration Process
By Barbara Brooks Kimmell, Alan M. Lubiner. Retail Price: US$19.95. Our Price: US$15.96 (Save 20%). Pages: 160. Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 03/98. Publisher: Next Decade Inc. ISBN: 0962600342.

This work reports on the changes in immigration laws with particular emphasis in visa categories.

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