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Swiss Money Secrets: How You Can Legally Hide Your Money In Switzerland
By Adam Starchild. Retail Price: US$14.95. Our Price: US$11.95 (Save 20%). Pages: 128. Binding: Paper 7 Mass Market. Publication Date: 01/96. Category: Economics. Publisher: Paladin Press. ISBN: 0873648552.

You don't have to be a criminal kingpin, rogue spy or U.S. Congressman to benefit from this book. In plain language, Adam Starchild gives you all the information you need to safeguard your hard-earned money in the rock-solid, imminently private and virtually intrusion-proof financial institutions of Switzerland.

Learn all about how to take full advantage of their strict banking secrecy laws designed to protect you from lawyers, ex-spouses, courts and government snoops; pick the best saving and investment opportunities that will provide the best, often tax-free returns on every dollar you put in; and use little-known secrets and simple privacy tactics that will further protect your money and ensure a financially secure future for you and your family.

For those with a little extra cash, Starchild tells how to (and why you should) form a Swiss company, use an offshore corporation to to hold your Swiss investments, hire the best Swiss investment consultant, and much more.

Useful Offshore Havens For Privacy And Profits
By Adam Starchild. Retail Price: US$14.95. Our Price: US$11.95 (Save 20%). Pages: 160. Binding:Paperback Mass Market. Publication Date: 09/94. Publisher: Paladin Press. ISBN: 087364767X.

In the United States, our lives, especially the financial aspects, have become transparent to nosy and greedy government agencies. This has led to a growing flight of capital abroad. But up till now only the richest, most adventurous - or criminal - of investors have actually taken the time and effort to look into overseas opportunities.

Now anyone can diversify his wealth abroad in countries with higher interest rates. In this uncomplicated layman's guide to offshore havens, Adam Starchild walks you through the reasons for investing your money abroad, the market mechanisms by which you can do it, and the safest and most lucrative countries in which to entrust your holdings. Find out the pros and cons of investing in other monetary meccas. The knowledge that a portion of your wealth is waiting for you, where nobody but you can touch it, creates a sense of security that you can't put a price tag on.
The Offshore Entrepreneur: Profit & Opportunity Have No Borders
By Adam Starchild. Our Price: US$12.95. Binding:Paperback. Publication Date: 11/95. Publisher: First Street Press. ISBN: 0964811502.

Offshore Entrepreneurs travel the world; physically or functionally... taking advantage of the freedoms available in other lands... profiting from the opportunities in a wide diversity of cultures.

In the pages of The Offshore Entrepreneur you will learn... the ten different roads to the creation and protection of wealth in foreign countries... how to use your imagination to unlock profits that no one else ever thought of... to travel the world FREE or at little cost... become a 'world citizen' without having millions in the bank, big financial backers, or even much starting cash at all. --Tried and proven paths to success!

The best part is, most international business is TAX FREE!

Just stop and think how much faster your money can grow if you are not paying out an average of 40% to a government somewhere.

In the 21st century the great fortunes will be made; and higher investment returns will be achieved, by Offshore Entrepreneurs who are diversified internationally. Protected from the dangers of any one market, they will take advantage of special situations in different countries and reap profits far beyond the dreams of investors who remain shackled to any single economy.

The Offshore Entrepreneur is your 'open sesame' to a world where profit and opportunity have no borders.

Offshore Havens
By Arnold S. Goldstein. Retail Price: US$29.95. Our Price: US$20.97 (Save 30%). Pages: 238. Binding: Hardcover. Publication Date: 03/95. Publisher: Garrett Publishing Inc. ISBN: 1880539276.

Good book for the average nonlegal investor. It is straight forward and not too technical. A good first book for someone looking for offshore investing.

The Complete Guide to Offshore Money Havens: How to Make Millions, Protect Your Privacy, and Legally Avoid Taxes - Whether Your Net Worth Is $100 or $1
By Jerome Schneider & Jennifer Basye Sander. Retail Price: US$30.00. Our Price: US$21.00 (Save 30%). Pages: 336. Binding: Hardcover. Publication Date: 05/97. Publisher: Prima Publications. ISBN: 0761509968.

The new edition of this bestselling guide to offshore money havens reflects the latest international regulatory changes. Over 200 safe, legal investment havens explored here include foreign trusts, annuities, and banks. Frequent ads in the Wall Street Journal and in-flight magazines continue to promote this popular title.

SYNOPSIS: North America's foremost authority on offshore banking and money havens delivers a completely revised and updated list of contact banks, new changes in laws that went into effect this year and how they impact foreign investing, a complete investment outlook for the next several years, and an updated list of money haven locals.

The Offshore Money Book: How to Move Assets Offshore for Privacy, Protection, and Tax Advantage
By Arnold J. D. Cornez. Retail Price: US$17.95. Our Price: US$14.36 (Save 20%). Pages: 288. Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 04/98. Publisher: NTC/Contemporary Publishing. ISBN: 0809228807.

What the book reviewers are saying, praise for "The Offshore Money Book": INTELLIGENCE newsletter, Paris, France: "...offers no advice to commit acts illegal under the U.S. law... One can imagine that Cornez's books is going to be on the best-seller list at the Internal Revenue Service, the FBI and the CIA, for teaching purposes and just to be sure they haven't missed any "tricks of the trade"... for foreign operations." The Offshore Centre, Anguilla: "And don't miss this primer-- you might be sorry if you do! This comprehensive work tells it all as it is, nothing more practical extant, saving you hundreds and thousands in consulting fees (and no, we don't get a cut!). Highly recommendable." Basel Trust Corporation, Channel Islands: "I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on the book; I found it extremely readable and well informed." Birmingham, Alabama: "...this book may have been written for the general public, but I AM learning things. I am going to recommend your book to referral sources, clients and potential clients..." J. Richard Duke, J.D., L.L.M., Adjunct Professor of International Law Trumbull, Conn.: "As an attorney advising clients on commercial transactions, estate planning and tax issues including offshore alternatives, I think it is EXCELLENT!!!" Daniel Greenberg, Esq. from the Internet: "Great introduction to international investing!" From the Internet: "This is an excellent primer on the subject of going offshore."

How to Protect Your Money Offshore
By Arnold S. Goldstein. Retail Price: US$9.95. Our Price: US$7.96 (Save 20%). Pages: 212. Binding: Paperback. Publication Date: 04/98. Publisher: Garrett Publishing Inc. ISBN: 1880539411.

Going Offshore
By Leo Gough. Our Price: US$99.50. Binding: Hardcover. Publication Date: 02/98. Publisher: Pitman Publishing Inc. ISBN: 0273631152.

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