Central America Passport & Nationality Programme - Recommended

This Passport & nationality programme is by far our superior, easiest and most popular passport programme.

The country is located in a well established and stable Central American nation. The program has been running for over 14 years now and many new citizens and passport holders have been VERY pleased with it. In our opinion, it is one of the best value for money today in securing a second passport that is in all the computer data bases in the host country, comes from a government source, has all the additional bells and whistles and is time-proven to be hassle free.

It also has very good visa free entry to most of the world's countries. No matter what your legitimate reasons for seeking second citizenship -- no bad guys need apply, for you will be screened out --you won't find a better deal, especially for families.

The time it takes is about 12 to 16 weeks from the time we have application, photos and payment in hand plus dispatch time.

No personal appearance is required.

2014 brings NEW and improved service for our clients. The host countries "new" national biometric ID is included. You apply for and receive your passport and documents at the countries nearest embassy-consulate to you .This assures you of 100% authenticity and confirmation of your nationality. You receive this new biometric ID card and take it to your nearest embassy and have them issue your passport for you.

In this manner you will know for a certainty that your product is 100% genuine and renewal forever thereafter.

Look over the information material below and if this is for you, get back to us at with your "Proof of Funds" (see below) and we will be pleased to forward to you full particulars as well as your application and payment details for processing.

Countries where visa IS NOT required:
  1. All European Union (EEU) countries;– Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal , etc-. (that means these above are ok for hassle Visa free travel)
  2. Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Japan (these are also ok for Visa free travel)
The following countries require visas in these countries with extreme difficulty in trying to obtain a visa from any of the following countries:

EUROPE COUNTRIES NOT IN THE EU (only a few are not but all are coming
on line shortly).
AFRICA (South Africa no problem)
ASIA, (except, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan are OK)

Dear Potential Client,

Find the info material for the 2nd nationality programme with a name change possible.

The Country offers good visa free conditions. Cost is Euro 45,500. Spouse and children with the same surname 16 and under UNDER are;

Spouse [with same last name] = Euro 29,995
1st child [16 or under] = EURO 22,
2nd child [16 or under] = EURO 17,500
3rd + child [16 or under] = EURO 12,500

IT comes with a letter from immigration that states that the person/s has completed the requirements for naturalization and the document and is therefore granted or words to that effect. It is in Spanish and stamped by the immigration department.

Program also includes the Cedula or national ID card and local drivers license plus an exit stamp placed in your document. Documents are delivered via special registered mail handling service and can be verified with special software and at any embassy worldwide.

This could be your best value for money today. No visit to the country required. If you would like to proceed and move forward after reading this information just contact us at our e-mail address.

Your "Proof of funds" (POF) are mandatory PRIOR to our disclosing the name of this country and full particulars.

Proof of Funds

For any preliminary application, please remit your PROOF OF FUNDS. This is the absolute first step in the acquisition process. Proof of funds MUST be in the form of a recent, verifiable bank statement, clearly showing the clients name with sufficient liquid funds available to meet the host countries requirements. For privacy concerns you can white out your account number, but your name MUST be shown on the bank statement.

Once your POF are accepted, the name of the country and full details will be forwarded to you.

Any questions don't hesitate to contact us, Just click here .