Visa Electron Card for ONLY US$750!

Visa credit/debit card - OFFSHORE STYLE!

This new product is a Visa Electron card which can be used at almost any Visa merchant or ATMs worldwide (approx. 820,000) for purchases or cash withdrawals. Please note Electron cards cannot be used for mail/telephone purchases, or at merchants who do not have electronic terminals.

The card is issued by a major bank in a European Union single currency area country, one where many foreigners live, which means it can be used in situations were an obviously "offshore" card might not be appropriate.


  1. Billed in EUROs.
  2. No tax deducted for non-residents of the country.
  3. NO bureaucratic hassles with references, notarisations, utility bills etc.
  4. A simple photocopy of your passport is the only ID needed.
  5. Full web-based internet access for checking balance etc.
  6. Multi-lingual telephone banking.
  7. Pay in by depositing wire transfers, mailing cheques etc.
  8. Opened within 14-21 days.
  9. Opening fee includes $50 deposit paid into the account.
  10. Furthermore, after at least 6 months of using the account regularly with a reasonable balance, you can apply for an unsecured Visa credit card and you will probably be accepted.
This card is also available to COMPANIES no matter where they are incorporated. The offer is exactly the same as above, except that original company statutes, certificate of incorporation, etc. are required for inspection and return. Please add $100 for this service.

VISA ATM Locator: click here

Yearly Service Fee: approx. US$40.

Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks.

What we need from you to fulfill your order:
  1. Photocopies of the first four pages of your passport.
  2. Our fee of US$750.
Price: US$750