Table of Contents:

The 16th Edition of The Offshore Manual & Directory
If you can't find it here, don't bother looking elsewhere! - says W.G. Hill , father of the PT concept.
  1. Anonymous Bank Accounts.
  2. Anonymous Bank Accounts.
    Anonymous ATM Card and Bank Accounts.
    Austrian Sparbuch.

  3. Business Opportunities.
  4. Import/Export.
    International Franchise Opportunities.
    Network Marketing/MLM.

  5. Camouflage Passports.
  6. Camouflage Passports, Driver's Licenses and Identity Cards.
    Official Looking Travel Documents/Alternative Travel Documents.

  7. Credit Cards.
  8. Anonymous Credit Cards.
    International Debit Cards.
    Secured Credit Cards.

  9. Diplomatic Passports and Appointments.
  10. Diplomatic Passports and Appointments.
    Honorary Consulships.

  11. Finance.
  12. Business Finance and Investments.
    Capital Available/Wanted.
    Merchant Accounts.

  13. International Driving Permits and Licenses.
  14. International Driving Permits.

  15. Investigation, Detective and Security Agencies.

  16. Investments.
  17. Investment Management.
    Investment Opportunities.

  18. Maildrops and Serviced Offices.
  19. Andorra-Virtual Offices (83 Countries and Territories).
    Business Center Office Networks.

  20. Miscellaneous.
  21. Check Cashing Facilities.
    Divorce Services.
    Executive Accommodation.
    Financial Services.
    International Health and Insurance.
    Secrets Revealed.

  22. Offshore Companies.
  23. Banks.
    Offshore Company Formation and Registration Services.

  24. Orders of Chivalry.
  25. Various Orders of Chivalry.

  26. Press Cards and Passes.
  27. Press Passes.

  28. PT Service Providers.

  29. PT Newsletters, Publications and Websites.
  30. Newsletters.
    Newspapers and Magazines.
    PT Information and Reference Websites.
    Various Publications and Publishers.

  31. Real Estate.
  32. Commercial.
    Distinctive Properties and Estates.

  33. Registration of Aircrafts, Cars and Vessels
  34. License Plates for Tax Free Cars.
    Registration of Aircraft.
    Registration of Vessels.

  35. Second Passports and Dual Nationality.
  36. Immigration.
    Second Passport and Dual Nationality
    . Visas.

  37. Tax Advisors and Offshore & PT Consultancy.
  38. Offshore and PT Consultancy.
    Tax Advisors.

  39. Tax Free Cars.

  40. Tax Havens and Offshore Financial Centers.
  41. (This chapter lists the names and contact information of the most important local experts, contacts, banks etc., and other useful information - such as their special area of expertise!)
    Andorra-Wyoming (75 Countries and Territories.)

  42. Telecommunications.
  43. Anonymous Email, Remailing and Telephone. Callback Services.
    Email Auto responder Services.
    Email-To-Fax Services.
    Encryption Software: PGP
    Fax-On-Demand Services.
    Fax Services.
    Internet Links to Search Engines and Resources.
    Internet Management and Publishing Services.
    Internet Domain Name Registration and Service Providers.
    Personal Telephone Numbers.
    Telecommunication Service Providers.

  44. Titles of Nobility.
  45. Attached to Land.
    Available for Promotion of Commercial Products and Services.
    Through Adoption/Marriage.
    Through Brokers/Intermediaries/Transfer from a Noble/Princely Family.
    Through Genealogy Tracing.
    Through Patent Letters.

  46. Travel Agent ID.

  47. Travel Discount and Benefit Cards.

  48. University Degrees.

  49. Degrees by Mail: Through Distance-Learning/Life- and Academic-Experience. Doctoral Degrees.
    Honorary Awards.

  50. Websites.
  51. Useful News, Offshore, PT and Related Websites.