Swiss Postal Account

This entry level Swiss bank account offers the most frequently requested features : a powerful internet banking access, an international debit card enabling you to withdraw cash at ATMs anywhere in the world, no minimum deposits, a total safety of your funds (the bank's main shareholder is none other than the Swiss Confederation) and of course, Swiss bank secrecy.
  • Powerful internet banking access (in English, French, German and Italian)
  • International debit card to withdraw funds at more than 420,000 ATMs worldwide
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Multiple currencies accounts available
  • Offices everywhere in Switzerland
  • Total security of your deposits
  • Swiss bank secrecy
Jurisdiction Switzerland - Click here for answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions about Swiss banking confidentiality and related issues!
About the bank

This account is opened with Swiss Post , a company founded in 1849. With over 43,000 employees, 3,400 offices and Sfr.1,600 million in capital and more than 2 millions accounts , Swiss Post manages most of the Swiss domestic payment traffic. In Switzerland people pay most of their bills (such as rent, electricity, phone, etc...) using Swiss Post. These financial services are so successful that a fully owned subsidiary has been created to take care exclusively of the financial services, Postfinance with 1,600 full times employees.

In terms of security, Swiss Post is one of the most secure institution in Switzerland. With over 150 years of existence, it began offering financial services in 1906. Swiss Post has a balance sheet total of Sfr.28 billion for 1 billion of customer deposits and is fully owned by the Swiss Confederation.

Min balance -
Opening by mail Yes
Internet banking

Excellent internet banking system in English, French, German and Italian. The system enables you to view your account statements online and to transfer money to any bank account in the world 24 hours a day. It uses 2 passwords and a scratch list with 128 bits encryption for optimal security. At Carlton Press we use such an account to receive payment from our clients and to pay our international suppliers.

Mail retaining No mail retaining is available. If you don't want to receive your mail home, our advice is to have the mail sent to relatives abroad.
Credit cards

You can get an international debit card that enables you to withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide. The card works at more than 420,000 ATMs all over the world (using the Plus network), giving you instant access to your funds wherever you are.

The card has no annual maintenance costs . Each withdrawal costs a flat fee of Sfr.3.- and the daily withdrawal limit is Sfr.1,000.-. A security deposit of Sfr.2,000.- is necessary to get this card. This security will be blocked on a special account for the time you keep the card.

You need to have a Swiss Franc account in order to get this card. Of course, you can also get an account in another currency at no extra cost (a favorite with our clients is a US dollar account and a Swiss franc account). You can then transfer money between accounts using the internet banking facility.

Investment options You have the choice between 5 investment funds in Swiss francs, each with a different risk profile. These investments are not available for people in USA and are only available with Swiss francs accounts. If needed, we can set up one account in a foreign currency and one account in Swiss francs at no extra cost.
Annual expenses

All accounts are free of maintenance charges except for Swiss francs accounts not managed through the internet, which cost Sfr.36.- a year.

International bank transfers ordered via internet costs Sfr.5.- per transfer. Domestic transfers (to another Swiss bank account) are free of charge.

Cashing international checks cost Sfr.5.-.

Account officer language - French
- English
- German
- Italian
Restricted countries
Restricted countries
Set-up fee US$459