Swiss Internet Bank Account

This powerful account stands for the best of Swiss banking. It includes every feature you can get on a Swiss bank account, including the best internet banking system in Europe.
  • Best internet banking system we know
  • International credit cards
  • Multiple currencies accounts
  • Reasonable minimum deposit (US$3,500)
  • Strict bank secrecy
  • Offices everywhere in Switzerland
  • Best seller among Australian and Canadian clients
Jurisdiction Switzerland - for answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions about Swiss banking confidentiality and related issues!
About the bank Among the ten biggest banks in Europe. Over 40,000 employees. Started operations more than 100 years ago.
Min balance US$3,500
Opening by mail Yes
Internet banking

Most powerful and easy-to-use system in Switzerland. Best internet banking system in Europe.

The system is extremely convenient to use and allows you to manage all your banking needs with a single Java interface. You can see your account statement , get a summary of all your accounts if you have multiple currencies accounts, order international bank transfers from wherever you are in the world. Furthermore, you can trade online on all stock markets in the world using the same interface. You'll get a direct connection to electronic stock markets such as the Nasdaq or the Swiss stock market. Available in English , French , German and Italian .

Security is ensured by military-grade encryption (128 bits) using a combination of a contract number, a personal password and an eletronic key which generates a new code each minute.

Internet banking is not available to people who live in the USA and Japan . For people in the UK and Canada only the payment and account monitoring functions are accessible (no online trading). If you need internet banking access, please look at our other accounts or contact us to find a solution.

Mail retaining For Sfr.150.- a year you can ask the bank to keep all mail related to your account. To read your mail, you can either ask the bank to send it to a specific address, say, 3 times a year, or come and read it in person.
Credit cards

Mastercard , Visa and American Express available, with or without the bank logo. Annual cost is Sfr.100.- the first year and Sfr.50.- a year thereafter. All cards are available in Swiss Francs , US dollars and Euros .

You can withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide using your credit card. There are no charges for ATMs in Switzerland. In all other countries, the standard 2.50% commission applies for all withdrawals.

To get one of these cards, you need to deposit a security equal to 1.5 times the card's monthly credit limit. This security will remain blocked as long as you keep the card.

Investment options You can invest in any kind of security (stocks, bonds, options), in commodities, precious metals, investment funds, currencies. Anything traded on a public market.
Annual expenses

There are no account maintenance charges if your balance exceeds Sfr.25,000.- or the equivalent in a foreign currency. A Sfr.36.- annual maintenance charge applies if your balance is between Sfr.15,000.- and Sfr.25,000. This charge is Sfr.72.- a year for accounts with a balance below Sfr.15,000.

International bank transfers cost Sfr.5.- per transfer when ordered through the internet and Sfr.10.- per transfer if you use the appropriate bank form. Please note that if the bank receiving the transfer charges a fee, this fee is payable by the client. Domestic bank transfers (to another Swiss bank accounts) are free if ordered through the internet and cost Sfr.5.- per transfer if ordered using the bank's form.

Cashing international checks costs Sfr.4.- per check.

Account officer language - French
- English
- German
- Italian
Available currencies Any currency
Restricted countries
Restricted citizenships
Set-up fee US$759