Swiss Classic Bank Account

This account is our best selling Swiss bank account, and offers many powerful features such as internet banking, credit cards, and very wide investment options.
  • Excellent internet banking access
  • Outstanding service
  • Credit cards
  • Very wide array of investments options
  • Multiple currencies accounts available
  • Biggest bank in Switzerland
  • Our best selling account ever
  • Offices everywhere in Switzerland, including at international airports
Jurisdiction Switzerland - Click here for answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions about Swiss banking confidentiality and related issues!
One of the biggest banks in the world, with over 48,000 employees and Sfr.600,000 millions in deposits. Started operations more than 100 years ago.
Min balance US$3,500
Opening by mail Yes
Internet banking Powerful and easy to use internet banking access. This system enables you to view your account statements online, transfer funds to any bank account in the world and invest money in the stock market ( online trading ). You will have a direct access to electronic markets such as the Nasdaq or the Swiss stock exchange and will be able to enter your orders for all other world markets. Security is ensured by military-grade encryption , two passwords and a code which changes for each session (scratch list).
Mail retaining For Sfr.200.- a year you can ask the bank to keep all mail related to your account. To read your mail, you can either ask the bank to send it to a specific address, say, 3 times a year, or come and read it in person.
Credit cards Mastercard and Visa available, with or without the bank logo. Annual cost is Sfr.100.- the first year and Sfr.50.- a year thereafter. Both cards are available in Swiss Francs , US dollars and Euros . The Mastercard is also available in British Pounds .
Investment options You can invest in any kind of security (stocks, bonds, options), in commodities, precious metals, investment funds and currencies through your account.

Accounts with a balance exceeding Sfr.10,000.- pay no maintenance charges . Below Sfr.10,000.- maintenance charges are Sfr.72.- a year or Sfr.24.- if you use the internet banking facility to manage your account.

International bank transfers cost Sfr.5.- per transfer if ordered through the internet, Sfr.10.- if ordered using a bank form, Sfr.18.- if ordered by letter and Sfr.25.- if ordered by phone or fax. Domestic bank transfers (to another Swiss bank account) are free if ordered through the internet, Sfr.2.- if ordered using a bank form, Sfr.10.- if ordered by letter and Sfr.17.- if ordered per fax or phone.

Cashing international checks cost Sfr.5.- for the first check in the batch, then Sfr.1.- for each additional check.

Account officer language - French
- English
- German
- Italian
Available currencies Any currency
Restricted countries
Restricted citizenships
Set-up fee US$659