Scottish Mediaeval Baronies

Scottish Baronial Titles, many centuries old, are usually tied to specific pieces of land or specific buildings. The amount of land and condition of the buildings on it will vary considerably. However, most titles in Scotland are transferred from owner to owner for £50,000-£150,000 with only a token amount of land. It is almost always possible to acquire more land and a building such as a manor house or derelict castle after the title has been acquired. The cost of this type of acquisition is not high, (usually two or three thousand pounds per acre). It is possible for you to receive a government grant to help restore an ancient building. We will be delighted to give you advice on this.

Baronies which sell for less than £50,000 are considered supect, because there is usually very little hope that The Lord Lyon, who is The Queen's representative in Scotland, would be able to matriculate arms for a new owner. It is important for The Lord Lyon to have all of the necessary research on a Barony before he is able to approve a new owner. Very often it is impossible to locate the necessary documents on a Barony, thus recognition is denied.

Simply put a Scottish feudal barony is attached to a particular piece of land on which is the "caput", or the essence of the barony. Accordingly, the individual - irrespective of sex - who owns the said piece of land containing the "caput" will be the baron or baroness. Unlike the United Kingdom's system of hereditary peerages - which are, in the main, passed down the male line - Scottish feudal baronies may be passed to any person, either by sale or inheritance.

Scottish baronies do not come on the market very often, for, although there are quite a number of them, ownership remains largely with that country's oldest landed families. Many heads of those families have subsequently been granted United Kingdom peerage titles, or have been created knights of the realm, thus they tend to use their feudal titles, Scottish Baronies, when they are not in possession of titles of higher rank, for example, duke or marquess.

Carlton Press' heraldic contact and expert has for a number of years handled the transfer of baronies on behalf of those seeking to sell and potential purchasers. Individuals wishing to acquire such titles may have many reasons for doing so. These can range from those with Scottish familial links who wish to cement their ties with a particular region, to those who find them useful for business and social purposes. Some purchasers find that a barony can be a sound financial investment, as it may later be sold for a margin, but most just like the idea of being part of maintaining and helping preserve history.

Our fee for the research necessary to provide a title which meets our client's requirements is US$1,000. That fee is refunded in full if we cannot find a title which meets those requirements within nine months. If the client invests in a title and wishes to retain Carlton Press as an adviser on the newly acquired baronial responsibilities (which may include a grant or matriculation of a coat of arms, robes and accoutrements, banner and standard, and design of bookplates and heraldic arnament), we can if required provide counsel on the appropriate course of action.

Scottish feudal titles may be included on the passports of most countries, and ought to be included on all legal documents such as cheque books and credit cards. If you were to acquire, for example, the Barony of Inverness, the style chosen would be either John Doe, Baron of Inverness or John Doe of Inverness or simply The Baron of Inverness. The wife of The Baron of Inverness should be styled The Lady of Inverness.

However, to do so needs careful advice and a considerable amount of research in old archives which, of course, is the speciality of Burke's Peerage with whom Carlton Press is in close collaboration for your Scottish mediaeval barony.

If you wish to proceed, we would be delighted to carry out research in order to locate a barony for you for a fee of US$1,000. This sum will be refunded should we be unsuccessful in finding a title that fulfils your requirements. E-mail us for further information .