Royal Rank

Upward Nobility - Here's Your Chance of a Lifetime to Acquire a Royal Rank. Become a Prince!

Although royalty for the most part is a closed and exclusive club, there is a non-traditional and ingenious way of joining. Become a genuine Prince and a member of one of the highest ranking German Royal family through marriage, which allows you to obtain their name/title (as well as their coat of arms):


Our client is a sophisticated female German Princess. Shortly after the marriage, however, you'll get divorced, the sole purpose of the marriage is to have you legally change your name.

Of course their is a fee for this privilege in the amount of US$200,000 which we consider a reasonable price, we've seen prices like US$500,000 and up.


  1. Contact us. No payment other than a US$300 'good faith' deposit is required at this stage.
  2. Submit detailed curriculum vitae and a financial statement.
  3. We submit proper documentation of the Princess.
  4. Talk to the Princess herself.
  5. Transfer amount in question to an escrow account.
  6. Marriage in Las Vegas (Prenuptial agreement required).
  7. Obtain your new name/title.
  8. Get a divorce, keep your new royal name.
If you think this fits your needs, us, or send a fax for an initial contact.