Press Pass

An international Offshore Manual press pass will open many doors and save you lots of money! Learn how to travel on a shoestring budget and be treated like a VIP everywhere with The Offshore Manual's International Press Card ID!

How would you like to have a pass you could flash in a restaurant, hotel, or at an important event and suddenly you´re treated like a VIP? You're ushered to the best table, you're given the best room, you're upgraded to first class... You've seen this happen... Perhaps it's happened to you once or twice. Remember how good it felt to receive that special treatment, to get that good deal? OK, what if you could obtain that treatment all the time?... All you need is a PRESS PASS!


This very impressive Press Pass is issued by The Offshore Manual, a worldwide newsletter. The freelance holder of an Offshore Manual Press Pass is authorised to investigate and report on all newsworthy events, incidents and matters. This Press Pass may also be used for identification purposes. Should it ever become necessary, the contact details of the Offshore Manual is imprinted on the pass for any interested party to verify your credentials. The Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Sterling Fisher will verify any such requests for the Press Pass.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press."

Think of the possibilities. As an official Press Correspondent, you will be able to attend many newsworthy events and report on them. If you have ever dreamed of being a Press Correspondent, here is your chance but hurry!

With a Press Pass you never have to pay to enter an exhibition, concert or trade fair worldwide. Did you know that in Press Office lounges at trade fairs and exhibitions, they provide free refreshments and often the use of telephones and faxes to members of the press? No car parking fees or entry queues! You are a VIP!

You get free entry to concerts and sporting events. Hotels and resorts often provide you with free accomodation. A genuine accredited Press Pass will open many doors and provide many advantages to you as a traveler or even at home.

Have you ever been on an aircraft just before take-off and seen a flight attendant come up to a passenger in Economy then escort him or her up to First? There has been an upgrade. Do you think to yourself... "How did that happen? Why wasn't I picked?"

Have you ever been to a function and found yourself in a long slow-moving queue waiting to pay for your ticket? While waiting you notice a few other people who look just like you - but not dressed as well - are ushered in through a VIP entrance. No waiting and no entrance fee!

Ever found yourself unable to get a seat on a plane when it was fully booked? You knew you were first on the wait-list, only to find someone go to the desk and receive a priority position. They got on the plane while you missed out and had to wait for the next flight. You think "What's he got that I haven't to receive this treatment?" The answer to your question is simple! All those lucky VIPs probably hold Press Passes.

The Offshore Manual Press Pass is valid for a full five (5) years, and includes:

  1. The Offshore Manual's Official Investigative Reporter Press Card ID (as shown above).
  2. Free subscription to our e-zine Offshore Manual newsletter.
  3. Courier delivery direct to your door.

What we need from you to fulfill your order:

  1. One (1) passport size photos ( color) - 2 inches x 2 inches/5 cm x 5 cm. Please email us a JPEG scan, resolution: 600 dpi color.
    - plus the following I.D. information for the official records of the Offshore Manual:
  2. Your first and last name (no middle name!) and mailing address.
  3. Place and date of birth (month/day/year).
  4. Height (Cm).
  5. Weight (Kg).
  6. Hair color.
  7. Eye color.
  8. Our fee of Eur 140
Validity: 5 years.

Delivery Time: 3 weeks.

Price: Eur 140 includes courier delivery!