Tutorial to Using Postcards

Sweet pretender... Impress your friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or boss by pretending you spend your vacation in the sunny "Country X". Crush your enemies! Mislead your creditors, tax-collectors, litigious plaintiffs, contingent fee lawyers, ex-spouses and disgruntled business associates by sending them your handwritten postcards from "Country X". Carlton Press mails your handwritten postcards to the addresses of your choice.
  1. We send you postcards displaying the most beautiful places from the most shockingly expensive holiday resorts in "Country X".
  2. You write the postcards and send them back to us.
  3. We stamp and have them mailed from "Country X".
  4. The recipient will get a postcard in your handwriting, stamped in "Country X".
Nobody will ever learn where you 'really' were!

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