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Banking in Silence Confessions of an Unrepentant Con Man
The Passport Report Better than Gold
Think Like a Tycoon Offshore Money Manual
The Tax Exile Report Business Havens
The Tax Haven Report The Swiss Banks
The Free Car Report You are the Target
The Andorra and Liechtenstein Report World-Wide Maildrop Guide
The Andorra and Gibraltar Report How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World
The Monaco Report Privacy 2000
The Campione Report The Channel Island Report
The Albania Report
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PTO: Portable Trades & Opportunities

By P.T. King. 302 pages. Hardcover. US$100.

Have you ever thought how BAD It might be to lose everything and have to start life over? Just imagine, for example, having to face these present-day possibilities:
  • Your business is suddenly shut down because of some presumed environmental "problems".
  • Your home and other assets are seized, even confiscated, after a low-level bank clerk reports your inheritance fund might be a cover for "money laundering".
  • You suddenly become the target of multiple lawsuits brought by contingency-fee lawyers who threaten to pursue you for years.
Sad to say, rotten events like these happen to people every day. Productive individuals become victims of the "talk show mentality that believes winning the lottery is as easy as filing a lawsuit. Greedy law enforcement at every revel is now flush with the confiscated property of people who were never even accused of any crime. Have you heard of "civil forfeiture lately?.

What If YOU became such a target? You could quickly find yourself with no home, no money, no assets-back to zero! And If it did happen WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Are you prepared to start all over again, from scratch? If you Could no longer make money in your old business, what new enterprise would you use to reestablish your life and lifestyle.?

With these troubling thoughts In mind however, consider how GOOD it might be to:
  • Never depend on a job again. Or never have a bole again!
  • Avoid legal battles, huge attorney fees, and ruin-out judgments.
  • Leave "problem" people behind by walking out the door for good.
  • Use your natural abilities to create an exciting new life and make LOT$ OF MONEY at the same time virtually anywhere in the world. Don't doubt it...
If all this is music to your ears, PORTABLE TRADES AND OPPORTUNITIES has been written just for you. In the mid Eighties. author Peter Trevellian (P.T.), lost everything in the U.S. thanks to a vengeful spouse and a rapacious prosecution of his business. What they couldn't take, however, was his energy and inspiration to seek new opportunities elsewhere.

In over a dozen countries. from Europe to Asia, P.T. succeeded In finding new ways to make quick money in the different businesses he created and ran. He learned how to Un-cover profit making opportunities, and connect with the right people he needed to make them work He had his choice of beautiful places to live. and an endless assortment of pleasing companions. Like the story of Job in the Bible, P.T. lost everything he owned, but his faith and perseverance enabled him to regain his fortune many times over.

So what did he do and how did he do it? You will discover all of P.T.'s tales of success in PORTABLE TRADES AND OPPORTUNITIES. In 20 brilliant chapters P.T. reveals his masterful methods for turning adversity into prosperity. There were times when making money seemed impossible, but he never had to ask anyone for a job. He continued to develop better ways to generate income on his own. His successes in literally dozens of businesses made him very independent and very wealthy.

Here, then, are some of the businesses he built to create a successful new life:
  • Passport Broker (*1.000,000/year).
  • Pen Pals & Newsletters ($150,000/year).
  • Cyberspace Entrepreneur ($85,000+).
  • Medical Consultant ($100,000).
  • International Bureaucrat ($180,000).
  • Commodity Trader (No limit...).
  • Seminar & "Event" Promoter ($125,000).
  • Offshore Advisor/Money Manager (Lots).
  • Video Production ($95,000).
  • Teaching Abroad ($55~75,000).
  • Uninhibited Adventures on an Island (Profit, plus pleasures).
  • Administratiye & Invoicing Services ($65,000/year).
  • PLUS: Eight more Businesses!
P.T. turned all of these businesses into genuine money-makers, typically in very little time. He operated all over the world, and discovered the secrets that enable a business promoter to get started quickly end make big money fast.

PORTABLE TRADES AND OPPORTUNITIES presents these successes with clear, convincing authority. P.T. spells out the tiniest details of how he organized each venture, what problems he had to overcome, and how someone else could easily duplicate the businesses elsewhere. And make just as much money!

If you would like to 'survive and prosper' on your own terms, without government help or interference, PORTABLE TRADES AND OPPORTUNITIES will be your guide. Hard-won knowledge and nitty-gritty plans of action provide rich resources you can use today to take full control of your life. Let P.T.'s new book Inspire YOU with confidence and the information you need to create the kind of life you really want-and deserve! The price? Only $100.

Worth? Unlimited... Please NOTE: If you're The 'Walter Mitty- type, or just a tire-kicker, please don't buy this book. We have only a few hundred, hard-cover copies available. P.T. has informed us that he would like to see them sold only to those who need and plan to profit from this superior information.

Order now while the supply lasts!

PT1 (The Perpetual Traveler) - The Theory

By Dr. W.G.Hill. 274 pages. Hardcover. US$100.

PT means leading a stress-free, healthy and prosperous life without government interference, taxes or coercion. You will be considered a tourist by the government, and therefore be able to partake in innocent pursuits or pleasures without interference.

The essence of PT is the 5-flags theory theory. Diversify yourself and your assets among five different flags. In that way, governments consider you to be just Passing Through and you will become a Prior Taxpayer.

The PT theory outlined in this volume is elegant, simple and requires no accountants, attorneys, offshore corporations, nor other complex arrangements. Since the income of most PT's is instantly doubled, and most frustrations with Big Brother are instantly eliminated, the logical question is: "can you afford not to become a PT."

PT2 - The Practice

By Dr. W.G.Hill. 262 pages. Hardcover. US$100

How to delevop techniques for living tax free. This explosive volume deals with matters that no other book has ever dared to examine in a practical hands-on manner. You will learn all the world's unknown in's and out's of getting and keeping, a life free from problems, frustrations, harassment, extortion, lawsuits and the implications and ramifications of all of these -- the works.

Dr. W.G. Hill teaches you little known tactics and techniques of living tax-free and gives away all his privacy secrets and shows you how to escape. You will learn how to transfer cash across borders, how to triple your interest and preserve your freedom.

Banking In Silence

By Dr. W.G. Hill. 329 pages. Hardcover. US$100.

This report covers anonymous banking, showing you how to open up your own offshore account, and introduces you to banking havens around the world. It will help you build an invisible nest-egg with immunity from stock-market crashes, seizues and lawsuits

As the government can gain access to any of your accounts this report is a must. It is a strategic plan to conquer the bureaucrats. You will learn about the major laws and regulations which have reduced your liberties.

Your money will grow tax free, you will be able to open secret accounts without showing an ID, do international cash transfers without leaving a paper trail, and form your own anonymous company.

Do you know the US government within two years will be able to gain immediate access to any of your bank accounts. With their soon-to-be-implemented new multi-million dollar systems they will be able to tap in and find out all your banking movements. This system will rapidly spread throughout the world. This dynamic new report from W.G. Hill will alert you to the dangers of the new control system and how to beat it. The following topics are revealed:

  • The Chinese Chop Account. The new Banking Havens.
  • Anonymous Plastic Cards. The unknown route to secrecy.
  • Where to open a bank account without ID. Secret Ghost accounts.
  • How to transfer cash safely. How politicians launder money.
  • How to get a secured credit card. The beauty of back to back loans.
  • Advantages of secured credit cards. Where the smart money goes.
  • How intruders pry open foreign bank secrecy. A Tax Free Zone where anything goes.
  • How to form your own anonymous company free, without even incorporating.
  • The Impres Account.
  • Dr. Hills own offshore company manual. The Savings account program.
  • A country where money laundering is a national habit.

The Passport Report:
How to Legally Obtain a Second Foreign Passport

By Dr. W.G.Hill 13th edition. 341 pages. Hardcover. US$100.

Why entrust your life and your freedom to any one government? Politicians regard you as an expendable national resource, but you do not belong to any one country if you hold several passports and nationalities. With two or more passports, you do not belong to any one country, so enabling you to keep your money and your freedom. Millions of individuals would be alive today if they'd had second passports before the holocaust in Germany, and repression in Argentina, Cambodia and many other countries. A second passport could save your life, your money and your freedom. This valuable report will create and exploit opportunities you never though possible and provide back doors to slip through.

Everything you require to obtain dual nationality legally is contained in the report, it will open your eyes to options you've never thought possible.

Think Like a Tycoon: - Out of Print!
How to Make a Million in Three Years or Less

By Dr. W.G. Hill. 172 pages. Hardcover. US$100.

This report is designed to give the practical knowledge and essential skills needed to make money and obtain credit through property. It will show you that buying and selling property is the easiest and quickest way to make a fortune. 'Think Like a Tycoon' sets out a two year plan to financial independence, follow the guidelines in the report and you could be a millionaire in two years.

You will be shown, where to look for the best deals, how to spot special ads, how to deal with estate agents, how to determine the market value of a property, the deals and pitfalls to avoid. The goal is to obtain a large amount of money in a short time.

"Years ago I was broke, physically in bad shape and seriously in debt. I then discovered an amazing formula that every single super-rich person seems to have used to gain wealth. It was so incredibly easy to understand that I started to apply it within 24 hours. In six months I was a millionaire. I never had to work again. Would you like to share these secrets? Let me tell you how you can make your own million in my timeless classic. I'd like to give away these secrets. If everyone used them the world would be a richer, more productive and happy place. But I learned from the SPCA that if you give away a puppy, that dog is more likely to be mistreated and kicked around than if you sell the same pooch for $100."

The Tax Exile Report: - Out of Print!
Avoid Confiscatory Taxes in High Tax Countries

By Marshall J. Langer. 336 Pages. Harcover. US$100.

This report is a must if you are fed up with confiscatory taxation. If you are a well-to-do individual who no longer wishes to tolerate an oppressive tax burden, you could not wish for better advice.

It teaches you how to change your residence and domicile, and when and how to acquire another nationality, plus all you need to know about Expatriation Taxes now in place in the USA. The report explains how to obtain safe residence, domicile and passports. The report tells you step by step how to avoid paying tax. This is not easy but if you are prepared to do what is legally necessary to cut your tax bill, this report could easily double, triple or quadruple your net income.

Langer tells you how to overcome the tax octopus - eight different criteria used by high tax countries to tax you on your income and capital. To avoid confiscatory taxes you must eliminate each of the eight tax tentacles, one by one. This report tells you how to do it. This report is intended for the small minority of well-to-do individuals who are no longer willing to tolerate increasingly unfair tax systems and are prepared to vote with their feet.

The Tax Haven Report

By Adam Starchild. 174 pages. Hardcover. US$100. This report teaches the difference between Tax Evasion (illegal) and Tax Avoidance (legal).

There is somewhere safe and secure to keep you and your assets free from bureaucracy and taxes. Depending on your needs and objectives this is the perfect report to help you choose the perfect haven. All you will need to know about tax havens and their uses in tax planning is covered, including: How and where to set up and operate offshore corporations and trusts, thereby avoiding taxes.

This report will open up all sorts of possibilities for making money, not only for general tax secured investments but also for international trade and production.

The words 'tax haven' bring to mind far-off corners of the planet with millionaire populations. This population, of course, spends most of it's day drinking daiquiris on the beach, it's funds secure in various numbered Swiss bank accounts. Not so, according to Adam Starchild ( well he doesn't fit the daiquiris bit). Tax havens need not be the exclusive recluse of the ultra-rich. People of average means need no longer be captive slaves to the State in today's modern jet-set era. In the 'Tax Haven Report', Adam Starchild reveals the secrets of the ultra-rich so that us lesser mortals can take advantage of the many benefits tax havens have.

The Free Car Report: - Out of Print!
How to Own a New Luxury Car Every Year of Your Life for Free

By Dr. W.G. Hill 3rd. Edition. 95 pages. Hardcover. US$100.

In this unique and original report the author shows readers how, during the past thirty years he has owned a free Rolls, Ferrari, and several Mercedes -- a new one each year -- losing absolutely nothing on these fine motor vehicles. Hill shares his secrets explaining how he learned where cars can be bought tax-free. He reveals why prices in a certain Scandinavian country are much lower than the prices in other countries. Yes, the biggest part of this registered report is about buying tax-free at Scandinavian low prices. Now that you know this secret, why buy this special report? The answer is, there is more to it than just buying a car in our secret country.

The Andorra and Liechtenstein Report - Out of Print!

By Dr. Reinhard Stern & Lee Ann Kestler. 127 pages. Hardcover. US$100.

Few people are aware that banks in Austria offer all the same advantages as their Swiss counterparts -- plus the only true remaining bank secrecy laws in Europe. This report introduces Austria, the small land with the reputation as one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. The author Dr. R Stern services private clients and business world-wide as a banking and privacy consultant, andspeaks at seminars on asset protection and offshore banking. His valuable report gives you the chance to take advantage of the investment opportunities his native Austria has to offer. In addition to detailed banking information Dr. Stern outlines the mistakes most commonly made by the unwary when undertaking private business in Austria. Additinally, he introduces two secret enclaves, not known to the public, where Austria's best banks are to be found. Favourable tax laws allow foreigners wishing to reside in Austria low tax or even zero-tax residence status plus tax-free income. Inside information, virtually unknown to the public is thoroughly discussed. The report also discusses Liechtenstein "in depth". You will have information on everything from purchasing real estate anonymously to secret tax loopholes between Austria and Lichenstein as well as details on how to establish your heirs and beneficiaries. Also includes a discussion of the most favourable banks to administer your affairs. Many other questions are answered for you in this unique report.

The Andorra and Gibraltar Report and Secret Enclaves - Out of Print!

By Dr. W.G Hill. 146 pages. Hardcover. US$100.

The ideal base for your offshore company. Discover a hidden haven for the few in the know.
  • Property is still affordable
  • Living costs are low
Dr W.G. Hill uncovers secret enclaves which could be your key to tax freedom. Along with its natural beauty, Andorra -- the mini Switzerland -- is now seen as one of the most favourable tax havens in Europe. Plus TheGibraltar Report. The rock of Gibraltar is one of the best places in the world to register your tax haven company, your trust, your car yacht or airplane. W.G. Hill examines in great detail the financial advantages of Gibraltar. he also considers quality of living, the real estate market, where to get one of the best car deals in Europe, and how to get the most out of Gibraltar.

The Monaco Report:
How to become a legal resident of tax-free Monte Carlo, Monaco

By Dr. W.G. Hill. 99 pages. Hardcover. US$100.

There are many places where you could live and be free of income taxes, inheritance and estate taxes and real estate taxes. But most are isolated, too cold, too hot, too Third World or simply too dull. Monaco is the only tax haven offering non-stop action. This masterfully written report goes into the question of how to earn a living, manage a business, handle investments and tells you about forming corporations or trusts. The moves to win the game are all in the Monaco Report.

This report will spare you many months of research and details the application procedure you need to secure a residence card.

There is no income tax or any direct taxation in Monaco and there are no wealth or capital gains taxes on individuals either.

It includes a comprehensive appendix which serves as a quick-reference fact-file and directory. Here you will find details of all the financial and leisure services you might need including bankers, stockbrokers, consultants, lawyers, accountants, hotels, clubs and theaters.

The Campione Report: - Out of Print!
Switzerland's Secret Semi-Tropical Tax Haven

By Dr. W.G. Hill. 82 pages. Hardcover. US$100

The world's leading expert on personal tax havens, W.G. Hill, predicts that Campione, a strange accident of history, anomaly of geography and climatic freak, will be one of the most fashionable tax havens of this decade. This report shows anyone how to become a legal resident of this soon-to-be discovered enclave of the super rich. Campione is a unique semi-automous community located entirely, within Switzerland. As a seperate country from Switzerland, it is not subject toany Swiss laws, Swiss taxes or Swiss tax treaties. Campione has no income taxes, property taxes and no VAT. Enjoy life in Campione, one of the most unusual spots on earth. Campione also is part of the EU with all the benefits of passport free, visa free travel.

Campione is predicted to be the most fashionable haven of the next decade.

The Albania Report - Out of Print!

By Dr. W.G. Hill. 48 pages. Hardcover. US$100.

A fairy tale land. A country of tall mountains and lush valleys where free men live only by the laws they have made for themselves, where there are no taxes, no oppressive rulers, no government regulations but instead, plenty of free land for everyone. Yes, free land! Dr Hill reveals A loophole begging to be exploited.

  • How to invest in the country
  • How to double your capital at no risk
  • How and where to buy land
  • How to qualify for the free land give-away
  • How to join the blue blooded aristocracy
  • Gain a foothold now, in what is emerging as a true bargain paradise.

The Channel Island Report:
How to Establish and Maintain a Tax Haven Domicile on Channel Island

By Scope International. 30 pages. Hardcover. US$100.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of any tax haven is that you do not have to live there! The Channel Island Report gives all the details of a tax haven which meets this criteria. It isinexpensive and the initial arrangements can all be completed by mail. this particular tax haven is 100% English-speaking, and has tougher bank secrecy laws than Switzerland.

The Austria and Liechtenstein Report

By Dr. W.G. Hill. 99 pages. Hardcover. US$100.

This report will show you all the benefits and advantages of having an account in an Austrian bank. Few people are aware that Austrian banks offer all the advantages of their Swiss counterparts - plus some of the only remaining true banking secrecy laws in Europe.

You will be shown how secret and safe Austrian banking is, why Austria is for you, how you can live and do business there without paying taxes. The report also covers tiny Liechtenstein - the most secret haven for money in the world.

The Malta Report

By Rose Shaw. 112 pages. Hardcover. US$100.

This report will show you how to discover the advantages of living and investing in this beautiful island which has now become a promising financial centre and tax haven.

You will learn all the tricks of residency, real estate opportunities, offshore companies and trusts, expatriate perks and relocation tips.

The Isle of Man Report;

By Scope International. 83 pages. Hardcover. US$100.

Most international financial transactions and business affairs on this island are carried out tax-free. There is no capital gains taxes, or gift taxes. There are only two forms of direct taxation. There is a 20 per cent tax payable on world-wide profits, although there are many exemptions.

All the secrets you need are revealed in this report. You will be shown how to obtain residencies and work permits, set up Isle of Man trusts and obtain citizenship with a passport.

Confessions of an Unrepentant Con Man

By Jack Bevan & How To Avoid Paying Your Debts by H. Ilarious Hunnicut. US$79.95.

Never arrested, never convicted, and with hundreds of victims who still love him dearly, Jack Bevan was the perfect con man. He separated his marks from their money so skillfully they never knew it happened. Now a respectable land owning member of the gentry, Gentleman Jack tells his the story of his rise from ignominy to wealthy respectability. "No one cares how you got rich, as long as you are rich," says Bevan. Exclusively for PT Shamrock readers, and not available in any bookstore, this unique tome will curl your toes. You may not want to emulate Jack, but if you want to get rich quick (legally or otherwise) you will certainly want to read the book -- if only to avoid slick predators like him who can charm you out of your hard won gains.

The world may be an unfair place, but Jack Bevan shows anyone how to squeeze it for all its worth and walk away with all the chips. Morality be damned. Jack regarded everyone as his personal piggy-bank and everyone obligingly allowed themselves to be shaken (not stirred) until the coins all jingled out.

We haven't really counted them, but a suggested sub-title for this book was 999 Clever Swindles I Got Away With. Now a millionaire and retired at 35, this rogue couldn't resist confessing his secrets. It wasn't enough to have gotten away with it, Gentleman Jack wants the world to know just how much he got away with and exactly how he did it. From humble beginnings conning Pen Pals out of pittances, Jack Bevan went on to conning countesses out of castles. For an amusing and possibly profitable read, we suggest you have a look at our newest and most unusual report, Confessions Of An Unrepentant Con Man, by Jack Bevan.

Confessions Of An Unrepentant Con Man has been combined with that classic guide for successful deadbeats, How To Avoid Paying Your Debts by H. Ilarious Hunnicutt. If you want a few laughs, a few tears and a lot of useful information presented in a very readable style, have a look at Jack Bevans" Confessions Of An Unrepentant Con Man and the Hunnicutt classic, How To Avoid Paying Your Debts. Two books for the price of one! One philosophy by two different authors. Order now while the supply lasts!

Better than Gold

By William McCord. 187 pages. US$80.

This is an investor's guide to Swiss annuities. This report explains why a Swiss annuity is so important for your financial well-being. You will be shown how to purchase one easily and quickly. Even Swiss bankers use Swiss annuities, allowing them to move calmly and confidentially toward their own financial goals. Swiss annuity investments are safe, protected and contribute to growing wealth. It can protect you can creditors, lawsuit judgements and even bankruptcy, because your annuity will be backed by the strongest currency in the world.

Offshore Money Manual - Out of Print!

By David Melnik. 280 pages. US$100.

This new manual shows you step-by-step how to set up an offshore bank account and create a profitable offshore wealth protection plan. It concentrates on cutting out the middle men who are charging upwards of $10,000 to create an offshore program. The manual puts you directly in touch with the people you need, including contact names andd addresses for bankers, brokers and investment funds in a dozen asset havens all over the world. You'll learn the most up to date ways to protect yourself against the flood of new laws that could have a profound effect upon your wealth and privacy.

Business Havens

By Adam Starchild. 172 pages. US$100.

After careful scrutiny of 21 business havens throughout the world, this report reveals the amazing incentives offered to businesses prepared to set up in these areas.

You will be taught how to receive cash grants, guaranteed loans all at reduced rates of interest. Plus total exemption on all import and export duties.

The Swiss Banks

By William McCord. 262 pages. US$100.

This is a brand new report (August 1998), showing the safety, privacy and global profit available from using Swiss banks. Particular emphasis is placed on investment and global diversification of assets with exact explanation of certain highly profitable investment strategies. The most comprehensive report on Swiss banks currently in print. Contains contact details for selected Swiss banks.

This report is a must for anyone considering using this banking system.

You are the Target

By Dr. J. O'Connor. 262 pages. US$100.

This report shows you hot to anticipate and prevent random violence, kidnapping, home break-ins, privacy invasion, financial intruders and armed robbers. It is the ultimate protection plan for you, your family and your business. The report also covers stalking, terrorism, voyeurs, financial intruders and agressive government agents. A superb manual on self-protection and undoubtedly the most important security information ever made available outside military and police training courses.

World-wide Maildrop Guide - Out of Print!

By Scope International. 120 pages. US$50.

A complete manual and directory listing over 100 reliable maildrops worldwide. Frequently updated.

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World

By Harry Browne. 380 pages. US$24.95.

Freedom is living your life the way you want to live it. This book shows you how you can have that freedom NOW - without having to change the world or the people around you. The book details the way you can live freely without social restrictions, family problems, high taxes or long working hours - without having to give up love, money or personal relationships.

Privacy 2000

By Mark Nestmann. 258 pages. US$24.95.

This special report contains the most complete and upto date information ever published on privacy invaders, and how to guard yourself against their attacks. It is unquestionably the most authoritative manual on privacy protection available today. Learn how to protect yourself against private detectives, credit investigators, government snoops, online hackers, envious competitors, ex-spouses and jealous colleagues. The list of those willing to compromise your privacy is long and frightening. This report gives you the ammunition to fight back.

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