Offshore Survival Kit

The Complete Offshore Package for The International Man

  1. Central American Citizenship - excellent visa-free travel opportunities (click here) & Driving Permit (retail: US$40,000). These products are NOT available any longer!

  2. Anonymous Offshore Corporation with Nominee Directors (retail: US$999).

  3. Asset Protection Offshore Trust (retail: US$450).

  4. International Driving Permit - 5 years validity (retail: US$200). - This product is NOT available any longer!
  5. Travel Agent ID Card - lifetime validity (retail: US$300). This product is NOT available any longer!

  6. Anonymized Visa Gold Credit Card with immediate US$170 credit line (retail: US$900).

  7. Baltic Offshore Bank Account without banking reference (retail: US$250).

  8. 2 Czech Anonymous Savings Accounts (retail: US$1,000).

  9. Swiss Maildrop Service with street address, phone, fax and US$250 deposit, 3 years (retail: US$800).

  10. Anonymized Mobile Phone with Card (GSM) and 1 year's basic fees paid in advance , plus US$300 connect charges deposit (retail: US$1,200).

  11. The Offshore Manual & Directory (retail: US$147).

  12. Multiple DHL air courier deliveries: US$250.
The above items do normally retail together for US$46,146 . Our price: US$23,125