How to Pay Offshore-Manual

How to pay Offshore-Manual by MoneyGram Money Transfer

Thank you for your business.

Please read the following SLOWLY and carefully:

To remit funds for your order via MoneyGram or other cash telegraphic means, please email us for the current pay in particulars. Email us from our CONTACT US page.

After sending your MoneyGram transfer please e-mail us the following MoneyGram information so we can expedite your order in a timely and professional manner:

MoneyGram Information
Reference Number: *
Amount: *
Currency: *

Sender Information
First name: *
Last name: *
Address: *
City: *
Postal/Zip Code: *
Country: *
Phone: *

I certify that all information are correct and the MoneyGram is ready to be collected.

  1. the above information to us.
  2. Upon receipt of your MTC number, we'll immediately start processing your order.