International Maildrops & Serviced Offices

What is a maildrop? A mail forwarding service - maildrop - allows a person to use their (the maildrop's) address to receive mail and then have it forwarded to the address where the person actually wishes to receive mail. Sometimes it's in the same city, other times in another continent. Mail is sent to the maildrop and is then placed unopened into another envelope and mailed to its final destination. As long as your intentions are legal there is never any problems with authorities. A good, reliable service does not condone fraudulent business activity. You can still use your regular address to receive most of your mail but your confidential mail goes to the mail forwarding service and then to you.

Financial privacy is almost a thing of the past nowadays. With computers, it's eroding rapidly, much quicker than in the past. You might say, "Who needs Privacy? I have nothing to hide!" It seems that whenever you make a simple purchase, they ask for your name and address. Then about a month later you start receiving weekly catalogs, sales literature, promotions, etc. Try giving them a name other than your own with your address. I tried John Doe (!) and sure enough that person started receiving catalogs. Many companies sell our names to others and sooner or later you are getting bombarded with Investment Schemes, Get Rich Quick Letters, Chain Letters, Miracle Health Cures, and other distracting material.

People who use mail forwarding services are a mixed bag of individuals and organizations. Some people have made enemies in life, ex-spouses, business acquiantances and while they may be living in Paris, France, they would like the other party to think they are in London, England, so they use a mail forwarding service.

Available Maildrops:
Anonymous Maildrop: Copenhagen, Denmark
Anonymous Maildrop: Ireland
Anonymous Maildrop: London, United Kingdom
Anonymous Maildrops: In Asia
Anonymous Maildrop: Scotland
Anonymous Maildrop: Singapore
Anonymous Maildrop: Sweden
Anonymous Maildrop: South Africa - Best Deal
MailDrop: Switzerland

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