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What is a maildrop? A mail forwarding service - maildrop - allows a person to use their (the maildrop's) address to receive mail and then have it forwarded to the address where the person actually wishes to receive mail. Sometimes it's in the same city, othertimes in another continent. Mail is sent to the maildrop and is then placed unopened into another envelope and mailed to its final destination. As long as your intentions are legal there is never any problems with authorities. A good, reliable service does not condone fraudulent business activity. You can still use your regular address to receive most of your mail but your confidential mail goes to the mail forwarding service and then to you.

Financial privacy is almost a thing of the past nowadays. With computers, it's eroding rapidly, much quicker than in the past. You might say, "Who needs Privacy? I have nothing to hide!" It seems that whenever you make a simple purchase, they ask for your name and address. Then about a month later you start receiving weekly catalogs, sales literature, promotions, etc. Try giving them a name other than your own with your address. I tried John Doe (!) and sure enough that person started receiving catalogs. Many companies sell our names to others and sooner or later you are getting bombarded with Investment Schemes, Get Rich Quick Letters, Chain Letters, Miracle Health Cures, and other distracting material.
People who use mail forwarding services are a mixed bag of individuals and organizations. Some people have made enemies in life, ex-spouses, business acquiantances and while they may be living in Paris, France, they would like the other party to think they are in London, England, so they use a mail forwarding service.

If you are going to sell a product by mail and have the best product in the world but are located in San Salvador, El Salvador a potential buyer for your product may be hesitant about sending money for your product. If you have a US address, most buyers are not too worried about sending money through the mail. Many people, maybe they have accumulated great wealth or are celebrities, have to worry about the press, fans and admirers,enemies, kidnappers, robbers, and so on. With a maildrop you can keep distance bewteen you and these people. Companies use mail forwarding services to do things their competition might find out about if they used their regular address. It's also a good way to check out your competition. You can find out what they are charging the people you are selling to. Another company ran Help Wanted Ads just to see how loyal his employees were to him. Mailing list companies also use mail forwarding services to salt their mailing lists to the people they are renting to, and check to see that the lists are being used on a one time basis.

In using a maildrop try to find out beforehand how much privacy they give you, some will give information out to anyone calling over the phone - a good one will not as it could be just anyone calling. Try to find out how long they have been in business and if they plan to be in business for awhile. Make sure they don't sell your name to other people's mail order businesses as this can defeat their purpose.

Mail forwarding service combined with serviced business offices: Business centers particularly suit companies setting-up branch office(s) overseas. They prefer to establish themselves before signing a lease, though some companies that arrive intending to use a business center for a few months end up staying with them for years - for the sake of convenience, the comfort of clean modern offices with a prestigious address, without the hassle of maintenance and other problems associated with a lease, becomes too difficult to give up.

Telephone services range from a basic message-taking service to the most up-to-date call diversion system. One business center offers a diversion service called "The London Office". This was designed with the telecommunications company so that your own 171-telephone number is instantly diverted to a chosen number anywhere in the world, and a programmed announcement saying "This is a call from your London office" pre-warns whoever answers the telephone. Of course you pay for the second leg of the call. The telephone services available from "The London Office" link with another service called "The VirtualOffice". This is a package offering clients the flexibility to work from anywhere they choose; local telephone numbers are logged onto acomputer system for call diversion. The package includes use of the business center's address, use of meeting rooms and secretarial services.

In most serviced office centers clients can buy services à la carte in order to suit their particular needs. For example, you can rent conference rooms by the hour so as to have an office for, for example in London, when the need arises. The main attraction of the serviced office facility is that the client has the option to walk away when his licence expires. Business centers take the operational headaches out of renting office space and of clients having to employ their own staff, which leaves them free to focus their efforts entirely on the success of their business.


A service that is in great demand by people not wishing to give away in which country they actually live is remailing. Remailing means that you address your letters, then stuff them in a larger envelope and send it to the operator of your maildrop with instructions that the letters be stamped locally (if you have not already done this yourself) and mailed from the area where your maildrop is located, rather than from the area in which you live. In this fashion, the letters are stamped and postmarked in the city, country, continent, in which you wish the letters to "originate". Say that you have decided to move to sunny, southern Spain but do not wish to be bothered by annoying relatives or creditors (or worse). You establish a maildrop in, say, London from whence your mail is discreetly forwarded to Spain. But since you may still need to write to people, it would be a give-away if all letters from you arrive bearing Spanish stamps and postmarks. In this case, you would simply send all your outgoing correspondence to London with instructions that the letters be stamped and stuffed in any red, London post box. Now those on the receiving end will take one look at the envelope and think "well, he (or she) really IS in London." We know of one service in Denmark which will do remailing for anyone, even non-clients. This service does not ask any questions nor keep any files. Need a letter mailed from Denmark? They will send your 20 gram, or less, letter airmail to any worldwide location. Just put your letter in a sealed addressed envelope, put the letter into another envelope with US$5 cash or the equivalent in any currency or by money order and mail to:Remailer, P.O. Box 2081, DK-1013 Copenhagen K, Denmark

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