Irish Maildrop

Basic Service:

  1. P.O.Box address.
  2. Delivery of courier mail not possible!
  3. Weekly mail forwarding - one personal and one company name accepted.
  4. Actual postage incurred is always extra and will be withheld from deposit.
  5. Basic cost: US$590/yr. which includes US$20 in postage deposit. Thereafter it is only US$290 per annum. For this amount per year, this offer can't be beat!
  6. One time set-up fee: US$100 - this is the one time set-up fee you have to pay to Carlton Press.
  7. Payment of US$590 MUST be paid byPayPal in order to avoid ID requirements by Irish provider! In addition prior to being accepted for service, our provider requires the name you expect mail to be received in, your name and address to send mail to, plus a brief outline of the type of business you transact and the type of mail you expect to receive.

Additional Services:

  1. Phone & fax number: add US$200 per annum (plus a $50 set-up fee.)
  2. Fax & Voice number - add US$100 per annum.
Delivery Time: 96 hours.

Also visit our tutorial to the use of international maildrops.

Referral fee payable to Carlton Press: US$100.
(Upon receipt of this, you will be charged US5390 to your credit card directly by the Irish maildrop.)