Maildrops & Serviced Offices: Tutorial

Anonymous Maildrop Copenhagen, DENMARK

Basic Service:

  1. Street Address.
  2. Mail Forwarding.
  3. Delivery of courier mail possible!
  4. Remailing.
  5. No ID required.
This is a completely confidential service and every effort is made to protect your privacy. We are a broad-minded organization and have proved ourselves trustworthy to our many clients over the years. You may wish to use a name other than your own while using our service - this is perfectly acceptable. Any individual or company attempting to use these premises for serious criminal activity will not be protected. We retain mail for one month after your fee falls due for renewal. If we do not hear from you by then, your mail is discreetly disposed of, if it is of a personal nature, or returned to source for official items.

Delivery Time: 3- 7 business days.

Also visit our tutorial to the use of international maildrops.

Cost per annum: Eur 595 plus a one time setup fee of Eur 100 and a Eur 50 postage deposit. Total Eur 740.