French Noble Titles

Many of the most distinguished French titles are attached to the land and, unlike Scottish titles , they come with a coat of arms which can be modified by the new owner if he/she wishes. These titles sell for between £30,000-£70,000 which usually includes one or two acres of land. Naturally if larger acreage, houses or chateaux are involved the price would be substantially higher. Most of the titles available are those of baron or count because they are the most ancient in France.

Up until the time of the French Revolution of 1789 it was the custom in France for the ruler or monarch to raise a seigneurie (aristocratic land holder) to the rank of a baron or a count and in some cases to that of a marquis. It was the land that carried the title and the owner of the land was permitted to style himself as a member of the nobility which, in reality, he became. This custom, though little known, is still in use today. It is possible for anyone who purchases a piece of the titled land and who acquires the title itself to be styled as a noble. However, to do so needs careful advice and a considerable amount of research in old archives which, of course, is the speciality of Burke's Peerage with whom Carlton Press is in close collaboration for your French title.

If you wish to proceed, we would be delighted to carry out research in order to locate a French title for you for a fee of US$1,000. This sum will be refunded should we be unsuccessful in finding a title that fulfils your requirements.

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