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Dr. Weiss' January 2005 Interview with Dr. Seymour Samson

Dr. Seymour Samson, one of the world's leading offshore experts, is on an extended around the world privacy fact-finding tour. We caught up with him and this informative interview is the result.

Dr. Weiss: From what we gather, it seems that the average citizen has unknowingly given up all forms of privacy. Our readers are acutely aware of the privacy issues and (hopefully) taken steps to protect their privacy. With all the technological advances available to Big Brother , do our readers still have a fighting chance to maintain their privacy?

Dr. Seymour Samson: The ball game has been changed forever since September 11th . The public haven't given up their privacy, its been stolen from them intentionally by the terrocrats. The problem is that most don't realise this or if they do, they seem to care less.

What's important to remember is that these privacy stealing technologies didn't just pop up since September 11th. They were produced, in place and ready to put into use... At the right moment. To use September 11th as the pretence for implementing this privacy stealing technology is reprehensible to say the least.

However, there are still ways to protect ones privacy. So long as your readers are aware of their privacy being stolen and are prepared to act to protect what's left, one can remain or become a sovereign individual. Knowledge is power, so keeping informed and being aware of what's happening around the world, not just in your homeland, is a must. I recently attended a trade show in the US. The technology at that electronic trade show was frightening. If they have that kind of privacy stealing technology available to the public, what do you think the terrocrats have? That's a sobering thought isn't it?

Dr. Weiss: Why does Big Brother and all governments have such an interest in our personal affairs. Why such the expense spent tracking our movements (physical, morally and monetarily)?

Dr. Seymour Samson:
Truth and individual freedoms are a threat to the terrocratic power structure. Any perceived threat must be acted against. Morally, at least to the terrocrats, being politically "incorrect" is a perceived threat too. This has been true throughout history. With 50% of the world's capital offshore, the terrocrats are more desperate than ever to stop the flood of capital leaving their control. We're not talking about high-income earners getting their money out of their reach either. Rather it's the average working person today, who is going offshore, i.e. those in the US$35,000 to US$75,000 income bracket. People around the world are sick and tired of high taxation, over regulation and ever more compliance filling out inscrutable forms and reports. Even the so-called 1040A easy tax form (in the US) is eleven pages plus. How is the average person expected to deal with that kind of mind-set? Governments are paranoid about losing control and, as a result, make new draconian laws and even harsher prison sentences. What they don't realise is that its their own laws which are motivating people to go offshore. Stop taxing people at exorbitant rates and money will remain onshore. It's just that simple.

Dr. Weiss: Go on!

Dr. Seymour Samson:
Just ten years ago one could do much more with their money and assets. Today, those actions are a serious felony offense. Why? One is subject to waking up in the US today and being a felon for some ludicrous law. I read an article stateside that said some poor bastard got a 15-year sentence for tax evasion. FIFTEEN YEARS! That's more than murderers get! And it was his first offence. He said he was innocence, fought it out in court and lost. Who needs that? Around this time of the year you read all kinds of terrocratic goings on with the IRS raiding this group and such. It's just standard operating hyperbole for the IRS. It's not just the US either. For instance: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Germany and the UK are chipping away at your basic rights and freedoms to a horrific degree. In the UK they are trying their best to do away with their double jeopardy laws, i.e. you cannot be tried for the same crime twice.

For instance in Australia they are sentencing hackers as terrorist handing out 25-year prison sentences like its an after school snack. OUTBOUND mail to 'targeted' areas from New Zealand and especially the US is being opened. Tiny cameras are placed in taxis, buses and airplanes spying on and recording innocent travellers every move. Worse the data is stored indefinitely. Why? Countries spy on neighbouring countries citizens then swap the information for that of their own citizens. Sounds like it could be Afghanistan or Iraq doesn't it? Wrong, it's the US and Canada doing this. Since it would be against current law to spy on its own citizens, (they do it anyway) they have their neighbour's do it for them, then trade the info! Is that any way for democracies to behave? Even the European Union is enacting privacy stealing laws and regulations that a decade ago would have been unthought of. It is really most worrisome.

Dr. Weiss: Continuing with the line of thought from the first question; we read that Swiss Banking privacy is a thing of the past. Are there still opportunities for our readers to achieve "true" banking privacy?

Dr. Seymour Samson:
Swiss banking still offers the best banking today, bar none; if you get the right bank, which is the key. Naturally any bank, anywhere in the world, should they receive a proper court order from within its country, MUST by law turn over any details, contained in the court order, for the account in question. In today's world if you are an America resident or citizen, then its bye-bye privacy and most freedoms. No offshore bank is going to risk their asset base for any American. So pay all the money the IRS says you owe and you'll never have a problem with the IRS. (Laughter.) Alternatively change nationality or get a second one, or risk having your mother-load being seized by the terrocrats. If you are a high-income earner or are successful, sooner or later you'll have problems with the terrocrats, if you haven't already. The good news is that there are still LEGAL ways for Americans and Canadians to legally avoid arcane filing requirements and to obtain true banking privacy. Don't break any laws, especially when you can accomplish what you want legally. So yes, one can achieve privacy with a AAA rated bank that you have sole signatory control over and can LEGALLY avoid offshore filing requirements.

Dr. Weiss: How does one do that?

Dr. Seymour Samson:
That secret is for my clients only! (Much Laughter.)

Dr. Weiss: You would think reading the papers that the USA has every bank in the world reporting back to them on every US citizen that holds an account. Is this true?

Dr. Seymour Samson: I seriously doubt that. Unless you are already targeted or become a target, there's no spy in the sky tracking you on a daily basis in spite on what they'd like you to believe. So don't believe all the hyperbole coming from the terrocratic pit bull media. The terrocrats operate much like the casinos do. When someone wins a huge jackpot in Nevada or Atlantic City , all the lights, bells and whistles go off so everyone knows someone won that big jackpot! Does the casino set off the bells and whistles when someone loses all their money? Of course not! Ditto with the terrocrats. You only read about who the IRS nails to make headlines, not what a problem they are having getting people to 'comply' with their so-called 'voluntary' tax system. If the American tax system is truly voluntary, why does one end up in jail and have all their assets seized if they don't pay? Because the terrocrats realise that if only 5% of those paying taxes today stopped paying, the whole tax system would collapse. The key is to remember is that there are numerous ways to legally avoid US and Canadian filing requirements.

Dr. Weiss: Such as?

Dr. Seymour Samson:
Such as having an offshore bank account(s) with an aggregate amount LESS than US$10,000. There is no filing requirement for an account(s) with an aggregate amount totalling less than ten grand in any tax year. Whole life insurance policies, even if they are ten or fifteen million-dollar policies, are not (as of this date) a reporting requirement. My personal favourite is the anonymous no ID company credit card. Just make sure it's not from the Caribbean area! So long as the credit card is NOT tied into an account, there is no current US filing requirement. So one can walk around with 5, 10, 20 even 50 grand on that little piece of plastic and the loot is safely stashed away offshore ready to be withdrawn from a hole in the wall ( ATM machines anywhere in the world ), 100% legal. For a few hundred dollars that offers a great deal of protection. (Publishers comment: click here for details on obtaining an anonymous credit card.)

Dr. Weiss: Can the average citizen conduct their daily lives and affairs in privacy? Would an alternate identity be of use to the average citizen?

Dr. Seymour Samson:
Privacy as we knew it no longer exists. Especially after the horrific terrorists attacks of September 11th. I really hate to generalize as everyone is an individual and his or her requirements are special. It also depends on where one lives!

If you live under the control of the Taleban in Afghanistan, you better get your ass out of town in a hurry. However, I'd suspect that the majority of your readers are based in the western world. Having an alternate walking around ID for the "average" person just isn't practical. In fact, it would probably get them into more trouble at home than help. Using one abroad is another matter. Just conduct your affairs at home in a low profile, legal manner and you shouldn't have a problem.

If you are doing something naughty, then be prepared for the consequence. However, for the privacy seeker with reasonable assets, getting a portion of your assets offshore is prudent. Having a legal second passport should be a part of one's long-term life insurance policy and for privacy reasons. So long as you do everything legally I see nothing wrong with that thinking. Just keep your big mouth shut about your private affairs. Loose lips sink big ships.

You never know a woman (or anyone) until you see them in court! So what they don't know won't hurt them. In spite of all the scare tactics coming from the terrocrats, it is NOT against the law to for an American or Canadian to have a second nationality or second passport, even with a legal name change! Nor is it illegal to have an offshore bank account. It is a reporting requirement for American's and Canadians if the aggregate amount exceeds US$10,000 in any single year, that's the catch. As I said there are legal ways around this.

Having a second passport with a legal name change is a must. If one can't afford a second passport, then get a legal residency program for a lot less money, which will lead to a legal 2nd passport in a few years. The Dominican Republic offers an excellent fast track program that most anyone could afford. But whatever you do, do it!

Don't fool around because the opportunity may not be there tomorrow. One or the other or both should be part of a life insurance program that all privacy seekers have or should have. Like all life insurance, one hopes they'll never need it, but its there just in case. At home common sense should prevail. If fact common sense should prevail at all times. First don't break any laws. Keep a low profile and blend in with the crowd.

For sensitive calls and communications, use a pay phone or an anonymous mobile phone. Be careful of the new third generation mobiles. Starting from October 1st, 2001 the USA has clipper chips built in for all US models, which can track you, anywhere, even if you're mobile is off. They have to be targeting a particular mobile number in order to accomplish that, but the technology is in place. The same holds true in US homes and offices. The terrocrats can listen to your conversations through your telephone, even with the phone on the hook. They'd had and been using this technology for six or seven years now. They are supposed to get a court order for this, but that is simply a matter of filing some paper with a friendly judge. So they don't even have to place a bug in your home anymore. All they have to do is flip a switch at the telephone company and viola, they are listening to every word spoke. You can defeat this by disconnecting the telephone cord from the wall to the phone, so be warned.

(Alternatively one should obtain a non clipper chip mobile from Europe) - (Editor's note) for non clipper chip mobile's follow this link: Swiss Anonymized Mobile Phone .

Use mail drops both offshore and onshore. Also use an alias. There is no law that says one can't use an alias so long as you do not intend to defraud anyone using it. Have offshore banks hold mail and NOT send to your home country. Use heavy-duty encryption when sending email. Use a web based e-mail account from a cyber café for really sensitive communications. Hushmail is particularly good and uses strong encryption to other hushmail e-mail accounts. The list could go on but I think you get the point. The real problem is if you do everything by the book, follow all laws, rules and regulations, just when you are ready to go for the winning touch down, the terrocrats change the rules and move the goal post. They have done this repeatedly over the years and I don't see them changing. The accountants, lawyers and others of such ilk just love it when the terrocrats change the rules in the middle of the game. Why? Because it creates more work for them, new structures, more billing time, etc. What you need to realise is all of them are a part of the system. Hell the US tax code is more than 6 inches thick. How can anyone understand and comply with all that? Remember if you play by the terrocrats rules eventually you'll lose! As a tourist abroad, YOU make your own rules. He who makes the rules wins!

Dr. Weiss: Please continue!

Dr. Seymour Samson:
Well America won the war for independence from the British by using guerrilla tactics. The communist Vietnamese defeated both France and the US by using guerrilla tactics as well. There was no way they could have won using "conventional " warfare. Ditto for the privacy seeker. If you want to maintain your personal and financial freedoms, you'll have to do the same, i.e. become an "Offshore Guerrilla." Now I'm not talking about becoming a terrorist, hurting other people, property or such non-sense. I am not advocating that in any way. I do not condone such activities. In fact I find them reprehensible in the strongest possible terms. I am, however, talking about becoming an offshore guerrilla in the sense of being an "independent thinker", "armed" with the right structures and privacy tools and prepared and able to "resist" the repression, which is getting worse.

Dr. Weiss: What about your services?

Dr. Seymour Samson:
My services are not for everyone. There is no typical situation. Everyone is an individual and I treat each that way. Whether or not a reader uses my services is not the point. They need a reality check-up from the head-up. If they are seriously considering moving some of their assets offshore they should get the advice of a professional. In fact getting the advice of several professionals, before taking any action, is the best advice I can give anyone. Just make sure that person is not tied into any one trust company or based in one's home country for privacy concerns. Times change and people change. And the way the terrocrats feel about freedom seekers has changed too. It's gotten worse, very much worse! If you see your privacy being stolen, do something about it. If you feel threaten by terrocratic actions, take the necessary steps to protect yourself. People need help. I offer unbiased, sound, practical advice so people can act in a legal manner to help themselves become or remain a sovereign individual. Contrary to others, I make my money on the consultation fee, not by selling products so there is no hidden agenda. If the client gets a product or structure from someone else, I don't have a problem with that. On the other hand if they retain my services, I offer huge discounts passed onto my clients. For the serious player the savings pays for my fee in a short period of time. As to my clients I help position them to legally save on their taxes. I seem to spend a good bit of time undoing things and structures that they did wrong previously, or did in such a way as to bring eventual trouble. Like I've said previously, don't break any laws when you can do things legally! No need for that when you do things right. If one has a family, it makes it exceedingly difficult to physically move offshore. Not impossible, just more difficult. Women seem to have a particularly hard time adjusting to being an expatriate. What they don't realise is that it could be the greatest gift they give their children, growing up abroad. But moving offshore is certainly not for everyone. It must be thought through long and hard, carefully, logically and everyone involved must be realistic. The wants and needs of your family should outweigh anything else IMO, other than your personal health and freedom. If one is single, then the process becomes a whole lot easier. Having a decent net worth and or a portable trade comes in handy too. The Internet today offers worldwide business opportunities anywhere in the world at the touch of a keyboard. So you could be sitting on the beach in Bali (Indonesia) or Phuket (Thailand) conducting your worldwide business.

Dr. Weiss: As a seasoned PT , what advice do you have for someone considering this lifestyle?

Dr. Seymour Samson:
Well it all depends what you mean by being a PT! My definition may be very much different than that of your readers. But for the privacy seeker I'd suggest some or all of the following: As I said previously, get the advise of several experts. Know what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Going offshore for being offshore sake is not recommended. Think clearly, logically and rationally. Don't break any laws. Don't do anything that you'll lose sleep over. Take a trip of at least three months abroad to see if moving offshore is your cup of tea. Not everyone is willing to trade his or her creature comforts for that of an expatriate, though it has been my experience and that of my clients, ones lifestyle improves greatly as well as ones after tax income increasing. Do things in such a manner that in the event you do not like living abroad, you can return home legally and safely. An important thing to know for Americans: If you stay abroad for 18 months at one shot you get an exemption on earned income up to US$70,000 more or less. You still have to file tax returns, but for a couple that means US$140,000 plus of tax exempt income annually. If you can't live on US$140,000 per year, then you're doing something wrong. More importantly after you put in your 18 months abroad and obtain that tax-exempt status, you can return to the states for limited periods of time while still maintaining the tax-exempt status. That's very important to know. Most important live free, be happy, healthy and enjoy your loved ones. Do what's best for you and your loved ones, not the terrocrats.

Dr. Weiss: You offer a particular two-year consultation package to your clients. Why do you think this is necessary, and what are the monetary gains?

Dr. Seymour Samson:
People either appreciate the value of my services, can't afford them, or feel they can do it themselves and save the fee. God bless them and I wish them well. But the serious player knows the value of good, sound, professional advice and realises that you get what you pay for. When it comes to your personal freedom and financial health, don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish, it could end up being more expensive than you could ever realise.

Unlike others, I make my money on the consultation, not on the products. As a result I am able to offer superior, unbiased advice and recommendations. The client is free to choose any products they require, and from where they purchase them. If they choose to acquire them through me, they save big bucks because I pass the savings onto them, and these savings actually pay for their consultation fee, so everyone is happy.

I also offer an initial, or preliminary consultation to establish whether or not the client feels, or I feel, that I can help them, and whether they should go offshore; and if so, how best to proceed. Not everyone should go offshore!

Dr. Weiss:How much do you charge for a preliminary consultation?

Dr. Seymour Samson:
My fee for an initial consultation is EUR 1,500 and, should the client desire my services, I apply this amount towards my two-year fee.

Dr. Weiss: Last question. Do you have any final advice for our readers?

Dr. Seymour Samson:
Yes. After the terrible attacks of September 11th, which I have great contempt for, privacy as we knew it no longer exists. The privacy situation is only going to get worse, not better.

Taking action now is imperative in order to protect oneself and their loved ones and to prepare for the disastrous consequences that are sure to come.

A couple of examples; As a result of September 11th Grenada recently suspended it's citizenship (passport) by investment program. Grenada was one of a very few countries that offered legal citizenship by investment programs. The two or three remaining countries are cost prohibited for most people starting at US$250,000 and up per person. However there is one that is still reasonably priced, albeit it is still available and doesn't have the plug pulled on it.

Another example; from what I understand from inside sources, (in the near future) anyone wishing to open an offshore COMPANY bank account will be required to make a personal appearance at the offshore bank in order to open an account, regardless where they are located and in which locale the offshore bank is located. This is pending under strict NEW rules and regulations. So if you don't have an offshore bank account and/or second passport... get one NOW!

Finally, everyone needs to make a coherent plan of action and place it into action NOW! The point is that whatever goals and objectives you make, take action immediately. Do it now and do it fast as the opportunity make not be there tomorrow, let alone next week.

Dr. Weiss: Thank you doctor.

Dr. Seymour Samson: You're welcome. And a happy holiday season to you and your readers.