Offshore-Manual's PGP Public Key

You may communicate with Offshore-Manual via e-mail with complete security by using PGP. Please copy our below PGP public key block from this page and add it to your PGP keyring:


Just click here to download Offshore-Manual's pgp key in ASCII format automatically.

Download the latest version of PGP. Select the International or US version: Both the US and International versions of PGP use full-strength, unencumbered 128-bit encryption and are completely inter-operable with one another. However, some of the US versions may lack certain features present in the International versions, such as support for legacy RSA keys. Download the FREE U.S. versions , or international versions. Remember, that an early protection provides the best solution in the future.


Alternatively, you can setup a FREE pgp email account at

If you are unfamiliar with the PGP technology, we suggest a visit to The International PGP Home Page and this great link to a tutorial for PGP beginners Introduction to PGP . To learn about the origin of PGP and its founder Phil Zimmermann click here