Banking/Second Passports & Dual Citizenship

"Nations have lost their old omnipotence; the patriotic tie does not hold.
Nations are getting obsolete, we go and live where we will.
Steam has enabled them to choose what law they live under.
Money makes a place for them".
Ralph Waldo Emerson , 1861.

Dual nationality has always been held by wealthy people with a knowledge of world history. They know of the dangers of placing an entire future in the hands of politicians. Patriotism might be OK if governments were consistent's and let you be free. But socialistic Big Brother bureau(c)rats now have the power to run your life from cradle to grave. Most of them think that all people who own businesses. securities, gold, foreign bank accounts or property are criminals who should be relieved of them and what little freedom they still have left. It is therefore imperative for the security of anyone of substance or ambition to have at least one other passport and nationality.

Every country has its own citizenship rules. Some countries welcome individuals with nationalized ancestors. Others give passports to those of a certain religion. Some for simply buying real estate, or through so called 'Economic Citizenship Investment Programs'. The rules and the opportunities are endless. Though the easiest and - quickest! - way to secure citizenship is through simple purchase - many governments issue passports to gain extra revenue - the question is, which government and at what cost? We know which, and for how much, at any given moment!

  1. Political instability in your country of origin makes travel on your current passport difficult.
  2. Your assets are the target of litigation or you are burdened by taxation.
  3. Your basic human right or travel is restricted.
  4. You are not allowed to work, do business, buy exclusive property overseas or settle in another country.
  5. Your assets, freedom of movement and even life are threatened by your country's political situation.
  6. You are subject to persecution for your religious or political beliefs or for pursuing certain harmless activities.
  7. Your present passport makes you a target for hijackers and terrorists.
  8. Your present passport could be revoked, confiscated or suspended.
  9. You are subjected to tax on your worldwide income, to currency controls or other confiscations.
  10. Your government controls, restricts or monitors your travels.
  11. Your present passport causes you delays, harassment or denies at any border.
  12. You need visas to visit places where you want to go.
  13. Your citizenship forces you into unwanted military obligations.
  14. You are identified as a citizen of an unpopular, immoral, aggressive or despotic nation.
  15. Your passport needs to be renewed or validated more than once every two years.
  16. Limited freedom to invest your money when and where you please.
  17. You belong to the "wrong" country, like the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Iran, etc.
  18. You cannot invest in the foreign stock markets or offshore mutual funds without restriction or hindrance.


Africa being a very poor continent, Economic Citizenship Programs from this part of abound. However, not all's gold, unfortunately: visa-free travel opportunities are poor and very many African programs are less than stable. It's a very volatile market and we have taken great care to choose only those programs we can seriously recommend. One major advantage, however, is their great affordability which makes them ideal for real Banking Passports.

The African Banking Passport - an excellent BANKING PASSPORT and ID!

This is a particular goody: an official government immigration program which can be executed at extremely short notice and which will result in a permanently renewable passport and national ID document being issued to applicants. The cost of the program is only Euro 6,500 per applicant (as showing one born in Africa) - add Euro 1,000 for a local driver's license - including, in one case, a non-revenue producing investment in a government sponsored Project Development Fund. It is available in as little as 28 working days from the time the completed paper work and cleared payment is received! This is the best passport document bargain on the net, period! The passport is issued by an African member of the British Commonwealth, a former Portuguese colony. This document is NOT recommended for travel due to severe visa requirements, etc. It should be acquired for banking purposes only.

A truly fine program which has proven its credibility well in the course of the past years. Hundreds of PT's the world over have made use of this opportunity to get a bona fide 2nd (or third) citizenship along with an alternative (banking) identity to protect their assets from Big Brother 's tax sharks and other unsavory entities.

The African Banking Passport - a reliable BANKING PASSPORT and ID!

Excellent for use as a banking passport. Can be issued in any name, date and place of birth. Valid for 5 years and renewable therefore for just Euro 1,000. Definitely NOT for travel purposes as it is to be used strictly and solely for banking purposes only. But this is a rock solid banking product for your exclusive use. Yours in a couple of weeks for just Euro 6,500. Add Euro 1,000 for a back-up drivers license and a international license.

We simply cannot do them all ourselves!


Procurement agreement is with providing agency only.

Email us for our source's list of countries/areas where second quick "Passports by Mail" are available, usually in 90 - 180 days, with procuring agencies guaranteeing to refund your money if they can not get your choice of passport in 270 days. This extra span is a protection against force majeure incidents such as earthquakes, deluges, outbreak of civil war, third party interference and other factors beyond our control which might impede delivery.

The price ranges quoted are inclusive of all government fees, lawyers fees, and commissions, are simply a fair guideline. If you are serious about applying for one of these options, drop us a line or send a fax asking for the latest fee structure, application form and information on availability. We will get this off to you ASAP.

Please note:

All documents offered by procuring agencies are guaranteed by same agencies to be absolutely genuine - no forgeries, no stolen or "lost" papers!

Offshore Manual is not "selling" these passports in the sense that we issue them, fill in existing blanks or print them ourselves! (This should really be a given, but we do get inquiries asking us to do just that - sorry, folks, but that's a strict no-no as far as we are concerned!).

What we do instead is to mediate between clients who are interested in obtaining a legal and official 2nd citizenship/passport and those agents and facilitators who are capable and willing to help them obtain it.

If in doubt, please review our statement of referral policy and legal disclaimer!

Valid for: 5 years. (Renewal cost for the next five years is currently Eur1,000.)

Referral fee: Euro 250.


Visit our comprehensive section on FAQ to common questions about citizenship issues and countries and citizenships recommended and our other site on Second Passports.