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Nauru is absolutely the easiest jurisdiction in the world to get a banking license.

The Bank of Nauru, having been established under the Bank of Nauru Act 1975, acts as the central bank of the country with powers under the Act to conduct all the banking operations as a national bank as well as an international bank.

A trading corporation incorporated in Nauru may operate as a commercial and trading bank, as a savings bank or as a financial institution as enunciated in the Banking Act 1975, on procurement of a banking license under the said Act and the Corporation Act 1972. In order to ensure that the prospective licensee has the capability to undertake banking activities either for "in house" operations or general banking, compliance with several formalities is ensured prior to recommending the proposal to the Registration Authorities for consideration.

The detailed conditions on which Government normally issues banking licenses are set out in the Principal Conditions of a Banking License. The low capitalization, non-interference in operations, minimum administrative expenses and simplicity of the banking laws, rules and regulations provide enough incentives to genuine entrepreneurs to seek banking licenses under the laws of Nauru.

Nauru is absolutely the easiest jurisdiction in the world to get a banking license.

Classes of Banks

Only restricted ("non-resident") offshore banking licenses are issued in Nauru. This means that all the operations of the bank should be "in house" and should not raise deposits from the public in or outside Nauru. Nauru banks can not advertise themselves in public.

This can be circumvented by setting up and using a subsidiary (to the bank) finance company which may conduct a broader range of activities. For example, the finance company could take deposits from third parties and would then deposit the money with the bank. Any literature which was drafted could make clear reference to the fact that the finance company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of XYZ Bank Ltd. and contain further details about the bank.

Practice has, however, shown that the Nauru restricted banking licenses meet the requirements of most clients.

Capitalization Requirements

A Nauru offshore bank should raise a minimum paid-up capital of US$100,000 within a period of two years from the date of issue of the license. This means that the bank can be registered without any paid-up capital. There is 24 months time to comply with that requirement. Auditor's proof is required that the capital has indeed been paid up. The capital does not have to be deposited with the Bank of Nauru. It can be maintained outside the jurisdiction.


Banking licenses are granted only to persons who have a sound financial standing, are well reputed in commercial and financial circles and have acquired sufficient expertise in banking, trade and industry. No local directors are required. Management of a Nauru offshore bank may be entirely located outside of the country.

Business Plan

There is no detailed business plan required. Only a brief description of intended activities is needed.

Annual Reporting Requirements

A Nauru offshore bank should furnish to the Registrar audited balance sheets and profit and loss accounts of each year within six months from the date of closing of annual accounts. Auditor(s) may be from outside of Nauru. Internationally recognized auditing companies are accepted as well as smaller local agencies.

Registration Time

Incorporation of a Nauru trading company, which is essential for getting of a Nauru banking license, takes a week. A banking license is issued in 1 or 2 months. Legalizing of corporate documents, which is necessary for opening of correspondent accounts, may take another 1 or 2 months.

Local Requirements

Local requirements are set in the Principal Conditions of a Banking License.

Correspondent Account Availability

Correspondent account facilities can be set up for Nauru banks without any significant restrictions. Basically, you will have to meet certain requirements to establish correspondent accounts with most banks. The larger and more reputable the bank, the stricter the requirements!

How to Proceed

The following form three forms have to be signed:
  1. Application for incorporation as a trading corporation
  2. Application for grant of Banking License
  3. Declaration (to be signed in front of Notary Public)
The abovementioned forms must (which are supplied by our supplier to paid-up clients) must be accompanied by the following further documents:
  1. A notarized copy of the applicant's passport
  2. A brief resume of the applicant's professional qualifications and specialization in banking, trade and industry etc.
  3. Applicant's Curriculum Vitae
  4. Two references from internationally reputed banks
  5. A reference from an internationally reputed law office
  6. A reference from the applicant's accountant, auditor or financial associate stating that the applicant's net worth exceeds US$250,000 in unencumbered assets.
  7. Applicant's statement that his net worth is not less than US$250,000 and that the bank will be capitalized according to the requirements.
  8. Two references from business associates or long-term partners.
  9. A certified photocopy of applicant's auditor's license.
  10. English translations of any document that are originally produced in other languages, duly notarized and legalized
  11. A certificate from the Police proving the absence of criminal record of the Applicant (duly translated, notarized, legalized)
The banking license (charter) can also be expanded to include an insurance license. The minimum capital, which can be subscribed over a period of two years, is $100,000 which does not have to be in cash and can be in any major currency.

Our Euro 50,000 fee includes: License Fee, Registration Fee, Registered Office, Registered Secretary, Initial Fees, Processing/servicing license fee, Registered Director, Resident Director, Initial Subscriber.

Annual Renewal Fee: US$5,000


The payment of a good-faith fee of US$1,000 is required - to avoid the merely curious as our initial consultation fee. This fee is of course applied towards your purchase, should you decide to proceed.

If you require a personal meeting to assist you with filling out application forms and develop the best application strategy for you, the total consultation fee will be US$10,000 plus travel costs. The travel costs will depend on your location.

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