The Eight Golden Rules of Successful Anonymous Banking:

  1. Avoid a paper trail . If you once transfer money directly to your Secret Account, or pay in a personal check, your account is no longer secret! Pay in checks from foreign countries, route money through an intermediary, like a checking cashing service, or fund it with plain old cash!

  2. Never use your home or office phone lines to call or fax your offshore bank. Five or ten years later somebody could look at your phone records and find out where your account is. Use pay phones, or pre-paid or foreign calling cards, or public faxes in copy shops, airports, etc.

  3. Don't have bank statements mailed to your normal address. Have mail held at your bank or sent to a maildrop in a different country!

  4. None of us are immortal. Make sure you have adequate provisions for passing out your hidden assets in the event of your death!

  5. Keep your secret account a secret! Jealous ex-lovers and ex-spouses are the biggest source of tip offs to authorities world-wide.

  6. Live a low profile. If you must have conspicuous cars, clothes or patterns, don't bring them where you normally live!

  7. Don't try to be too clever! Anonymous banking is all about avoiding risks. If your are not sure of something, don't do it!

  8. Paranoia is good for your wealth! Big Brother is watching you...!
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