Anonymized GSM Sim card Triple Band Nokia, Sony Ericsson or similar Mobile Phone - protect yourself against echelon

Anonymized Nokia, Sony Ericsson or similar Tri-Band GSM 900/1800/1900 World Mobile Phone with anonymous sim number - calls can be made and received worldwide!

Big Brother Is Listening In On You!

Whenever you make a call from a mobile phone you are leaving an "electronic trail" readily available to government agencies from your local telephone operator upon request. Phone calls are even often automatically being scanned to monitor for "suspicious words" by various agencies' computer surveillance systems and then analyzed and the phone holder recorded in Big Brother 's files of suspicious persons - guilty or not of any wrongdoing.


Almost all phone calls in the world are routinely scanned for "suspicious words" as we mentioned above - by various governmental agencies' computers. You have probably heard of Echelon, the international surveillance system. And there are other, and more to come!. The European Union is planning its own EU Phone, Fax & Internet Surveillance System. In Germany, all international calls are already automatically scanned by the Bundes-Nachrichten-Dienst. Even Austria is following suit. Big Brother is indeed listing in on you EVERYWHERE - whether you have something to "hide" or not!

Better Safe Than Sorry!

For a very reasonable price we can supply you with a completely anonymized Triple band GSM 900/1800/1900 Nokia, Sony Ericsson (or similar) Mobile Phone with your own anonymous Asian mobile number.

Sony Ericsson or similar Triple band GSM 900/1800/1900

These Sony Ericsson (or similar) mobiles offer CLIPPER CHIP FREE service! They provide you with complete GSM services in Europe, Asia/Pacific and the Americas. It offers automatic network search between the GSM 900/1800/1900 networks and is supplied with a Global Travel Charger. Our clipper chip free mobiles use advanced software to ensure a faster and more easily navigated user interface. It supports voice dialing/answering, has a vibrating alert, and its many functions can be profiled to suit your individual needs.


  1. A state-of-the-art Nokia, Sony Ericsson (or similar) Triple band GSM 900/1800/1900 mobile phone. These mobiles are guaranteed to be free of "clipper or SPY chips" inside. They are among the smallest in the world covering Triple band and e-GSM requirements. And with a majority of GSM markets running Triple band networks, you'll truly be on call with this phone. Just about everywhere.
    1. Size: 115 x 57 x 24 mm.
    2. Weight: 150g.
    3. Color display: 65.536 TFT.
    4. GPRS, WAP 2.0, PDA with pen/stylus, camera with video recording, music player, and much more!
    5. SMS/MMS/e-mail/instant messaging.
    6. Bluetooth.
    7. 16 hours' talk/20 days' standby.
  2. Your own Asian mobile telephone number.
  3. SIM card with 300 units of prepaid call time.
  4. Calls can be made and received (roaming) worldwide from more than 110 countries.
  5. No deposits.
  6. No ID.
  7. No applications.
  8. No monthly billing.
  9. You are given the name, address, fax and or e-mail address of the source.. Therefore you can top up or add additional roaming time free (at actual cost,) at any time during the future and for the rest of your life!
  10. No other fees - ever!


Outgoing calls worldwide: 20 units/minute.

Incoming calls worldwide: 10 units/minute.

Delivery Time: 1 week.

Price: Eur 595 plus Eur 65 courier cost.

May we suggest you ADD an additional EUR 100 for additional roaming time at time of initial order?