100% Anonymous Offshore Numbered ATM Credit/Debit Card with Internet Access. Any Picture ID Okay. No Paperwork.

- protect yourself against echelon !

- calls can be made and received worldwide!

Big Brother Is Listening In On You!

Whenever you make a call from a mobile phone you are leaving an "electronic trail" readily available to government agencies from your local telephone operator upon request. Phone calls are even often automatically being scanned to monitor for "suspicious words" by various agencies' computer surveillance systems and then analyzed and the phone holder recorded in Big Brother's files of suspicious persons - guilty or not of any wrongdoing.


Almost all phone calls in the world are routinely scanned for "suspicious words" as we mentioned above - by various governmental agencies' computers. You have probably heard of Echelon , the international surveillance system. And there are other, and more to come!. The European Union is planning its own EU Phone, Fax & Internet Surveillance System. In Germany, all international calls are already automatically scanned by the Bundes-Nachrichten-Dienst. Even Austria is following suit. Big Brother is indeed listing in on you EVERYWHERE - whether you have something to "hide" or not!


Anonymous prepaid GSM services (no subscription required) are the biggest growth area in the mobile phone market. In some countries they can be bought without ID, but in most countries you must show a valid ID on registering the number. Prepaid services are simple to use and confidential as no paper bills are generated. The big disadvantage for the privacy seeker is that most prepaid deals only work in one country, with complicated procedures such as credit card guarantees or "incoming calls only" when on international roaming. It is ALWAYS more confidential to use a phone from outside the country you are in… that way the records also stay outside the country you are in.

We can supply anonymous prepaid GSM SIM cards with international roaming from the Czech Republic for Euro 300 only. The price includes about US$12 of airtime, your own phone number and voice mail. No ID required, no monthly billing and no deposit. Additional airtime is available from us in $15, $27 or $54 blocks.

These cards allow you to receive and make calls on most GSM networks as well as use SMS. Calls can be made and received worldwide! Click here for list of countries.

Other European countries offering prepaid cards do not allow you to use them outside their borders or you have to provide them with your credit card details (Italy, The Netherlands, for example).

Please take a look at the tables below for current rates of outgoing and incoming calls completed via our anonymous GSM SIM cards.

Rates for a connection completed:
Originating territory Destination territory
Destination territory
Destination territory
Destination territory
CR & SR 0.38 0.50
Europe 0.50 0.63 0.75 1.38
Russia 0.88 1.13 1.13 1.50
U.S.A. & Canada 0.88 1.13 1.13 1.63
Other Countries 1.38 1.50 1.63 2.25

Incoming calls:
Roaming territory US$ per 30sec
Slovak Republic 0.20
Europe 0.38
Russia 0.50
U.S.A. & Canada 0.75
Other Countries 1.25

The listed prices are in US$ per 30 second.
"Roaming territory" = the country where you are at the time of an incoming call.
"Originating territory" = the country whre the calls is made from.
"Destination territory" = the country into which your call is directed.

Originating and roaming territory:
Tariff Zone
Czech Republic, Slovak Republic
Albania, Andorra, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Guernsey, The Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Monaco, Germany, Norway, Isle of Man, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Romania, Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Vatican, Great Britain
U.S.A. & Canada
U.S.A. & Canada
Other Countries
Other countries all over the world where the Czech operator has its contractual operators

Destination territory:
Tariff Zone
Czech Republic, Slovak Republic
Zone 1
Belgium, Belarus, Denmark, Faroe Islands, France, Guernsey, The Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Monaco, Germany, Isle of Man, Poland, Austria, San Marino, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Vatican, Great Britain
Zone 2
Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Georgia, Ireland, Iceland, Yugoslavia, Canada, Cyprus, Latvia, Libya, Macedonia, Malta, Morocco, Moldavia, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Spain, Tunis, U.S.A.
Zone 3
Countries not mentioned above
Delivery Time: 1 week.

Price: Euro 300.