Second Passports & Dual Citizenship

"Nations have lost their old omnipotence; the patriotic tie does not hold. Nations are getting obsolete, we go and live where we will. Steam has enabled them to choose what law they live under. Money makes a place for them".
Ralph Waldo Emerson , 1861.

Dual nationality has always been held by wealthy people with a knowledge of world history. They know of the dangers of placing an entire future in the hands of politicians. Patriotism might be OK if governments were consistent and let you be free. But socialistic Big Brother bureau(c)rats now have the power to run your life from cradle to grave. Most of them think that all people who own businesses. securities, gold, foreign bank accounts or property are criminals who should be relieved of them and what little freedom they still have left. It is therefore imperative for the security of anyone of substance or ambition to have at least one other passport and nationality.

Every country has its own citizenship rules. Some countries welcome individuals with nationalized ancestors. Others give passports to those of a certain religion. Some for simply buying real estate, or through so called 'Economic Citizenship Investment Programs'. The rules and the opportunities are endless. Though the easiest and - quickest! - way to secure citizenship is through simple purchase - many governments issue passports to gain extra revenue - the question is, which government and at what cost? We know which, and for how much, at any given moment!


Africa being a very poor continent, Economic Citizenship Programs from this part of abound. However, not alls gold, unfortunately: visa-free travel opportunities are poor and very many African programs are less than stable. It's a very volatile market and we have taken great care to choose only those programs we can seriously recommend. One major advantage, however, is their great afford ability which makes them ideal for real Banking Passports.


African Nationality & Passport Program

African PROGRAM: This is a fast, easy and affordable passport program in a stable West African nation offering visa free travel to 53 countries. A name change possible. No personal visit is required, however you can pick up or verify your documents at the country's London or nearest embassy to you. Alternatively you can instruct our documents to be dispatched to you via courier to anywhere in the world as you instruct.

Included is the new biometric passport. Extra documents available are a driver's license, residence card, a utility bill and or a police report any or all of which can be obtained at a small additional cost. Details and cost below. The passport is valid for 5 years and renewable thereafter at any of the country's embassies worldwide.

Paperwork is minimal for this new passport PROGRAM.

This passport is via the government's official International Citizenship By Investment Program Application. Processing takes about 4-6 weeks depending on the workload, time of the year and the government's schedule.

Your option to travel to the country or their London or other European Embassy for processing. Alternatively you can elect to process remotely without
any personal appearance being required and all documents will be dispatched to you via international courier service.

If you have a passport from this country be advised there is limited Visa-free entry (or visa-on-arrival) countries possible. To visit other countries, or to stay for longer periods, you will require a visa. Please check with the embassy or consulate of the country you will be visiting.

The cost for this new African Program is just Eur 12,500. Payment of Eur 12,500 upon application and prior to the start of processing. Scanned copies of the documents are emailed to you prior to dispatch or pickup for your perusal. Funds are held in Offshore-Manual's account (less processing fees) until documents are verified.

Official registered and biometric passport. Takes about 6 weeks.

Extra supporting documents:

* Driver's license: 1,500 Euro
* Name Change: 1,650 Euro
* Residence Card: 1,000 Euro
* Utility Bill : 550 Euro
* Police report : 550 Euro

Note: Your order for any or all of the above Extra supporting documents is payable 100% at time of initial order in addition to the initial passport payment.

Features Available To You For This Programs
* Excellent fully verifiable passport good for banking and starting a new life.
* Fast track application process.
* Excellent passport for those seeking to renounce their current citizenship.
* No reporting of your new nationality to your home country
* Your option to travel to country to process your application at the issuing office, at their London Embassy or the ability to process remotely without any personal appearance being required by you.
* Documents are 100% verifiable
* Visa Free Travel to 53 countries
* English widely spoken in this countries so there is no need to learn a new language
* Name change possible
* Passports valid for five years and renewable thereafter at any consulate/embassy worldwide.
* Fast track processing time only about 4-6 weeks

Due to the sensitive nature of this unique program, we are bound by contractible agreement NOT to disclose the name of the country until and unless we receive your PROOF OF FUNDS.

So please DO NOT ask for the name of the country until and unless we receive your PROOF OF FUNDS. See PROOF OF FUND for particulars regarding this proof of funds requirement.

Payment Modalities
100% payment upon initial order for the passport with the funds (less attorney fees) held in our escrow account until your documents are secured and verified. Full payment for any of the Extra supporting documents is payable 100% at time of initial order in addition to the initial passport payment. Full documents required from you and your payment must be received and credited PRIOR to your application being processed. Your payment is by wire transfer and will be held in Offshore-Manual's account (less processing fees,) until documents are secured and verified.

Application supporting document checklist:

* Please make sure that you scan and email all documents as well as ship them by DHL for each applicant in your family; address TBA.
* Application form
* 8 Passport size color photos. No eye ware or head-ware on the pictures
* Color copy or scan of current passport
* Color copy or scan of national identity card
* Color copy or scan of drivers license if applicable
* Color copy or scan of birth certificate
* Certificate of good conduct or police record (original and English translation)
* Your proof of funds or means - Click on PROOF OF FUND for particulars regarding this proof of funds requirement.

We Accept The Following Method Of Payment - Bank Wire Transfer only for passport programs.

PROOF OF FUNDS - Important Information!

Please read the following information below slowly and CAREFULLY, including sources requirements for proof of funds.

For full details about any program, understand that the very first step is for you to remit your PROOF OF FUNDS so we can forward to source for approval. Without submitting your proof of funds and their acceptance thereof, NOTHING happens.

When your PROOF OF FUNDS is accepted, we forward full particulars on the program including the name of the country, the costs involved as well as all relevant information, including the names of the countries, etc. These requirements are necessary in order to weed out the merely curious and to protect the integrity of the few programs still available.

Proof of Funds

For any preliminary application, please remit your PROOF OF FUNDS. This is the absolute first step in the acquisition process. Proof of funds MUST be in the form of a recent, verifiable bank statement, clearly showing the clients name with sufficient liquid funds available to meet the host countries requirements. For privacy concerns you can white out your account number, but your name MUST be shown on the bank statement. Company accounts can be accepted on a case by case basis. Contact Us for modalities.

Please understand that the above are sources requirements and we'd be remiss if we didn't inform you up front and before you make any queries on how the process works. If you do not agree with the above, we understand and wish you well in your endeavors. However please do not waste your time and ours asking questions about the name of the countries, etc. without complying with the above requirements, i.e. proof of funds.

Whomever you decide to transact business with, please conduct your due diligence before you pursue any offer that sounds too good to be true!

- Special Notice -

All passport documents obtained are renewable, legalized and registered in all government computers. Legal name changes, and family program discounts may be available. Funds (less legal costs) are held in sources escrow account until documents procured. To find out more about any of the programs listed above please remit your proof of funds as the first step.

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Thank you for your custom.

Sterling Fisher



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