Become an Independent Registered Offshore-Manual Agent

Offshore Franchise Opportunity:

Become an Independent Registered Offshore-Manual Agent
- and earn up to 25% in commission!

Join our affiliate program and unique franchise opportunity to sell our 450+ asset protection, offshore, privacy, PT and tax haven products and services! is proud to be the oldest and continuous provider and publisher of asset protection, offshore, privacy, PT and tax haven products and services in the world, founded in 1972. We walk the walk, and talk the talk! We know the ins and outs of the expatriate and offshore world community. We have been there for 30+ years. You'll be safe teaming up with us.

We receive continuously many requests and inquiries from customers on how to become agents for our products and services.

We have now decided to make this opportunity available to qualified, serious and committed professional people to represent our asset protection, offshore, privacy, PT and tax haven products and services worldwide in your home country and in your local language, and of course also across the globe.

If you decide to join our affiliate program and to sign up to become an agent for our 450+ asset protection, offshore, PT and tax haven products and services you are of course not restricted to selling our products in your own country - though that might be a good place to start! You can market and sell our asset protection, offshore, PT and tax haven products and services anywhere in the world, down the street or across the globe 24 hours a day.

You do not even have to get involved in order fulfillment, shipping and customer service issues. That's the best part of our agency program. We handle all the hassles. All you need to do is get the orders, pass them on to us for order fulfillment, and share in the profits.

We will supply you with the support - instructional and informational material for the marketing and promotion of our offshore, privacy and PT products and services. In short, you will receive 100% support from us concerning all the aspects of how to start up your own offshore PT business. Should you also wish to start your own web site in connection with your new business, we can help you with that, too.

As a registered agent you will receive our Offshore-Manual Agent Newsletter every month with the latest information available about new products and services regarding second citizenship's, private banking, tax free company formation, privacy and PT issues, and other valuable information.

To start the process to become a licensed Offshore-Manual Registered Agent for Offshore-Manual' unique asset protection, offshore, privacy, PT, tax avoidance and tax haven products and services and to earn up to 25% in commission on all your sales of 95% of our products and services, you must first pay the EUR€1,450 agent fee. Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive your start-up kit with all the necessary instructions, manuals, brochure layouts and a referral to our web site designer - and you are ready to start your own profitable offshore and PT business.

Each order forwarded by you to Offshore-Manual is to be prepaid by 75% of the sales prices of the products or services listed on our web site. You are, of course, free to set your own prices for our products and services on your own web site! Upon receipt of the order and your payment the fulfillment is thereafter Offshore-Manual' sole responsibility.

You, as an agent for our hundreds of offshore products and services, will be able to charge your clients whichever amount you feel appropriate on top of the retail prices charged by Offshore-Manual listed on the web site.

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Delivery Time: 24 hours.

Price: EUR 1,595 (a once-for-all fee. No annual fees or additional charges).

To pay the Application Fee of EUR 1,595 to become an Agent: click on the Order Here button below!